4wdTV Easter event @ Eldee station - Broken Hill


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Hi Guys and Girls,

We had planned to be attending the 4wd TV Easter event at Eldee station out Broken Hill way but now due to the Mrs needing to have Surgery (Sinus drilling, yuk) on the 31st March we now cannot attend. They have a no refunds policy and its not their fault we can't go so I am not getting a refund from them, instead I am hoping to on-sell our tickets to another family that may be able to go.

We have paid for a non-powered sight for 2 adults and 2 kids arriving on the Thursday staying Friday, Saturday, Sunday and departing Monday morning. We have also entered a car for the 4wdTV event run on the Sat and Sun which looks like a lot of fun. We have also paid for the three course meal for two adults and one child (our 4yo wouldn't eat a three course meal so we didn't pay for him) on the Sunday night for the presentation.

There is a good chance of getting your 4wd featured on 4wd TV as they do 2 episodes dedicated to this event and it does look like heaps of fun.

The cost for the package was $583 and is fully paid for with receipts and I have contacted Eldee station to let them no my situation so it's all above board and legit. I am hoping to get $500 for my place but I will consider genuine offers.

Admin, I have put this in here instead of the for sale section as its a little bit unique and probably suits the trips section a bit more, please move if you think it better suited to the for sale section.

Mate that's bad news about your better half. Give her our best wishes. So has this delayed the trip or is the surgery happening on the road?

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That's a shame rob I hope your misses will be on the mend very soon and you can find someone that will use these tickets