4wd Tv


Hey everyone,

Just wondering how many people are out there that watch 4WD TV and if so how often do you watch it?




My mum was the one that told me about this show...only cos she was freaking out about what l was doing on weekends.:eek:

Haven't seen an episode yet as l can't seem to get the channel but will scout around on youtube for a look see.

Might have to take mum for a drive just to let her know it's not all scary, wild and wooly stuff...lol:D

Ute Mad

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I used to watch all the time but comp truck scene doesn't tickle my fancy... If there were more trip footage it would be better but i realise this prob costs more to film..
Without being picky is it just me or cant he speak in a flowing manner its like every bit is punched out in a spurt and gets annoying to listen too... If he was a news reader he would be a gonner by now....

Cant believe i can be picky about a free to air tv show but i'd rather skip it and wait for 4wd monthly dvd which are more professionally put together now and not all comp truck

cheers utemad


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Have seen it a few times on Channel 31 in Adelaide
quite like the off road comps that they show. Cool stuff.


I know what you mean Nick. My missus calls it "that stupid 4wd show" but still sits glued to the screen when it's on.