4WD Supacentre Warranty


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Has anyone had problems recently with 4WD Supacentre Warranty claims.
My titan draw turned up a little worse for wear. Looks like something heavy has been dropped on the draws.
I've put a claim in today.


Must have been a really heavy hit. It's fairly sturdy.

red hilux

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I’ve only ever put in 2 claims.

One for a brand new winch. Brake broke on first use. Very quick to rectify.

Second was the snatch strap recall. They wouldn’t honour recall. I had 2 straps. Both new, still in the bags. Both batch numbers. Only 1 was going to be replaced. Other wasn’t


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Fingers crossed it gets sorted quick.
They give any reason why they wouldn't swap the other strap?
Bit of a shame, the drawer looks pretty good except for being squashed