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Angus Grant

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Had to repaint a small part of my door the other day. Used masking tape to stick plastic to the door around the areas I wanted to paint. However, the masking tape got wet and left some very obvious marks on the door.
I’ve tried washing it with high pressure, soap, and hot water, but it still won’t come off.

Any ideas?

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Suggest: WD40, Methylated Spirits, Kerosene, or cutting compound. (Wash off Kero with soap and water ASAP though.)


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As Cam suggested, prepsol / wax and grease remover used to clean an area before painting.
As ex panel beater / painter I can guarantee this will work without damaging the paint

Les PK Ranger

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Cheers! Methylated spirits worked great, can’t believe how easy it came off with a bit of metho

Good it worked ok for you.
For future folk that might read this though, metho will remove acrylic paint, which isn't common unless someone has touched up in the back yard.

Lately though, I have found wax & grease remover also removes spot acrylic primer from bare metal, that I've applied very lightly to create a bond when repainting a panel.
I have to W&G panels first, then dust and lightly ultrafine pad sand before tack cloth and painting.

Either will be ok on original 2K paint.