4WD boggins, rollovers, crashes, fires, creek crossings gone wrong and recoveries.


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I've started this part of the forum to put together all of the information we have around some of the accidents that occur when people head out offroad. The whole point of this is not to make fun of those unfortunately enough to be unlikely, make a mistake or even being a bit stupid. We have all taken risks that we shouldn't have and some people end up in trouble because they just didn't know. 4WD Accidents is to help educate everyone and in particular newbies on how to increases their chances of heading out offroad, having an awesome time and coming back safe and sound.

I will kick off with my biggest stuff up.

Wow that didn’t take much to stop the Jeep. I thought they were a tad better.


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Ooooh! had that experience in an incoming tide in a brand new (then) Patrol in Western Port Bay when stuffing around, lucky for me a local farmer pulled me out with his tractor. Hope he enjoyed the bottle of red