4JX1 to 4JX2 engine swap

Hi, has anyone put a 4JX2 3.1 turbo diesel engine in a Jackaroo with a current 4JX1 turbo diesel engine. I know there is mention of swapping to the 2.8 turbo diesel but the 3.1 seams a better option.


Its a 4jg2 motor 3.1 they do bolt up to manual gearbox only problem is getting the taco to work on them there is away of doing it I heard.
This might help you out


  • 4jx1to4JB1 conversion instructions.pdf
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Not sure if/what 3.0 common rail would fit. Do you know if there is an 3.0 c/r engine that will bolt up?
I have been told that the 3.1 and 2.8 turbo diesel will bolt up and be a better engine overall. With the 2.8TD 4jb1-t being the easiest, most economical and better performer.
More than happy to take advice....