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One Pot Does The Lot - Italiano Flavour

2 serves chicken (or any meat) (or firm tofu) - sliced/diced thin (or cut thin with scissors)
1 tin tomato with red wine (or any tin tomato with the added flavourings/herbs/onion/basil)
Cook together till meat is tender.
1 packet noodles (the sort in the longlife cryovac pack ready to use - just heat & serve type)
Cook till very hot.
Serve sprinkled with
Parmesan (or any) cheese

This sounds too simple to taste any good but you'll be suprised how yummo and filling it is and only 1 pot to clean. Great on a cool evening.


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Sounds good. Reckon I would pass on the tofu version or replace it with diced old air filter.:D


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Hello Guys..

I prefer Sandwich because easy to make and taste is nice. This is healthy for everybody.


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TOFU ...........................:eek::eek::eek::eek:

Love the recipie idea but sorry Ogjon, there is something just Not Quite Right with coagulated plant sap.:D