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4.5 exhaust whistle


The exhaust on my 80 series ( 4.5 petrol ) whistles all the time on accelleration, its annoying the stink out of me. Any one done any mods to their 4.5 to get rid of the whistle. Also want a better note out of it.


Ha ha ha thanks ball12, just thought someone may have already done the mod and i could have saved some time.
Cheers ;)


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If you lose the whistle you can have mine, it's done it since day one under hard acceleration, I just ignore it (not that I've driven it for 3 years).


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I'm unsure if the air filter and intake is the same as my 100s but I pulled the turbine fan, (inside the air tube just as it goes thru the guard) pulled off the arrester box and put in a bung, (hanging off the side of the air tube between throttle body and filter) and also replaced the whole intake tube in the inner guard with some 90mm pvc pipe.
Finally chopped out the tailpipe just behind the diff, (this was more coz the fact I lost the rear hanger and it was vibrating on a trip). This will make it quite louder as the ressinator will be chopped out.
Mine does have a custom exhaust from the manifold back. There are two bad bits on a 100s, they shrunk the exhaust up to 35mm in a section just behind the manifold (most people think this some type of cat but it is not) and they squash a section where it goes over the diff.
I gained 10kws at the wheels after doing these things.
There is still an intake whistle I really only notice when off road but the exhaust seems to over power it anyway.


Thanks Chard, i cut and redirected the exhaust so it comes out in front of the r/h rear due to the gas tank as i'm running a scuba system and kept the reserve tank about 5 years ago. It had the whistle then and its still got it now. I think i'll have to redo the whole thing from start to finish.