4.2 GQ petrol/gas Auto box issue


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Help please. When I first start my patrol from cold i have to wait before reverse engages. Forward drive engages every time, once warmed up reverse works fine. I don't have much knowledge on auto's. does anyone know of a link that will explain what happens inside the box once I select reverse please. ?
The mileage is 381Ks, Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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I'm not an expert, but first thing would be to change your transmission oil. Use genuine nissan stuff and do a full flush. bound to have a "how-to do a full flush" on one of the Patrol sites (eg patrol4x4.com).


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I should have said when this problem first started I had it drained and flushed new filter, but made no difference.


Interested to know if you have fixed the problem?
I had a similar issue with my Prado many years back, mentioned it to a mobile mechanic and he asked me if I had added anything to the oil, I had not.. He then suggested an additive, can't think of the name but it was red and quite thick.. apparently many other Autos actually require this to work correctly so I purchased some and added it on the next Auto Oil change and the problem vanished..