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39 - New 4WDs and Utes coming out with Robert Pepper

Discussion in 'Podcast Episodes' started by patriot, Sep 3, 2018.

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    Hi Guy's, Interesting cast, on TPMS I have tried a few over the years and IMO the only durable and quick response ones are the internal tire type, the screw on valve type only need a rock etc to break the battery hold clips and become useless they also seem to take longer in recognizing a pressure drop. The USA made TPMS compulsory after a large tire problem I think it was Firestone tires, not sure if they use internal or screw on type TPMS. I have learnt using TPMS that external ambient temp play's an important role when setting tyre pressures. Jeff
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    Yes, it is interseting to see people air down at the start of the day and then see what the pressure is a lunch time when it is hotter and they have been driving for a bit.

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