33's on a Troopy


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Hi All

I have a 1989 Troopy and am looking at getting some new tyres. My concern is will I be able to fit 33x12.50x15 Mud Terrain tyres on. The rims are 15x8 Sunraysia.

The Troopy has standard leaf suspension.

So will they fit, will they rub when I turn and is this even a good idea??? Also if they dont fit would the modifications to make them fit be simple?

Any help would be great :)


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they will fit easy enough, but they will scrub a bit on full lock standard.

you can wind out the turn stop bolt on the back of the swivel hubs, this will stop the rubbing but will reduce your turning circle.

it will only need a minor adjustment and many people run 33's. so it mustnt make that much difference at all


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okay that sounds easy enough.

Will this size of wheels put any extra strain on engine components, Im planning to go around Australia and do as much off roading as possible, would be annoying if something broke cause of the wheel size


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being toyota tuff it should not worry it i run 35x 12.50 x 15 on my sixty and have no problems but it got some susspenion work done to it but 33s should be ok :)


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33's require an engineers report in NSW, has been that way since 1994's National Code of Practice NCOP. Up to 15mm is ok without report. Check other forums for RTA vis 50 for suspension and tyre sizes before you purchase anything.


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Hmmm... just did a bunch of research on the engineers report thing.

Has anyone here been pulled over or fined by the police for having too large tyres? Do they regulate this strictly in NSW?

Im planning to keep the original ones and just swap them back when it comes to registration time.

What do you guys think?


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Might be a good idea to tell your insurer. If the tyre size is not as per the tyre placard and you haven't told them it may be an excuse for them to decline a claim.