31 Inch tyres scrubbing ONE side


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Hi all

New to the forum. I've just put a set of 31x10.5 Geolander X-ATs on a 2003 Hilux and have the drivers side just touching the mud guard when at full steering lock. I took it back to the tyre shop to have the caster re-aligned. It still just touches (only marginally, nothing major). The guys at the tyre shop didn't really know why it was only the one side.
Does anyone know why this would occur on the drivers side only and how I could fix it? This vehicle should fit 31's no problem. New rims are 0-offset I believe (see picture). Vehicle is not lifted.

I know its not a major issue, but I'd like to fix it. Its me baby! Thanks in advance.

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You might try taking the mud flap off and checking to see if there is anything behind it acting like a spacer, dirt, washers etc.
A heat gun and bend it back further when it`s hot hold it like that until it cools.
Gently tapping with a hammer on the inside, where the rub mark is until it`s enough out of the way.
The guard maybe slightly misaligned from the factory or prang damage.

If none of that works use a bigger hammer.


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I have an '02 with 31/10.5's
1st set did exactly the same, you learn to do it up till it makes noise then back it off a quater turn, or loosen your power steering belt when it screams you know you too far round.
2nd set, same size same brand new tread pattern wont scrub unless you go hard lock up a gutter or such a little too fast the diameter wont clear as the suspension travels upward.
I think its mostly plastic under there? but saying that the mudflaps ar freaking expensive, rears are like 60$ each, fronts I dont know, i have an older model one on the left and 3 zipties to make it fit.

so I only suggest to learn not to go hard right lock, until you put some pin stripes on it.:cool: