3 ltr Nissan Diesel problems resolved


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Guido, as Chaz mentioned if its getting harder to start your glow plugs might be on the way out. The ceramic glow plugs get worn by the injectors, and over time the tips can fall off and bounce around in the cylinder (not good).

A good mod to do is to replace them with metal tip glow plugs, and fit a glow plug timer mod. Metal tip glow plugs are cheaper than ceramic and don't wear through.

I replaced mine and did the mod.. There is plenty of info here
Or just give me a yell and I'm happy to show you.


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Hi Everyone, Thanks for all of your input. The patrol went in today for a diagnostic & got a clean bill of health ( welll nothing serious at least - like an injector problem ). It has now been suggested that there is a problem between the fuel filter & the pump ( air ). I have to swap the nissan filter with a ryco one & see what that does.


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I'm kinda confused, how is this part among "popular threads" on the home page as there has not been new reply in 2 years....o_O


If anybody is interested there is an alternative to the dawes valve,Tillix valves coming out of QLD. I've fitted a couple in my shop and can say first hand that they are better than the HPD VNT controllers, and just a good if not slightly better at controlling boost and turbo spool on VNT turbos.

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Hi Guys,

Well I went with the 2006 Patrol with 78k on the clock. Will run her to around 80k and then have her serviced. So, I then plan to do the guages and the catch can, won't have too many pennies for a little while after that. Do you reckon that is the way I should go about this?

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I strongly recommend to scrape a bit of extra cash and fit Tilix valve as well + EGR shim....Well worth the money......

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Just keep in mind that there are almost as many blown up ZD30 engines that have blown up with this modification as those without.

There is literally 1000's of theories as to why it occurs, fact is nobody actually knows.

Check that forum out they are the gurus on such things.

It certainly won't hurt to do it no doubt about that but it won't guarantee that your ZD30 won't blow up.

Should always be combined with Exhaust Gas Temp Gauge and boost gauge.
(not that that is a guarantee either)


Main theory is the MAF sensor clogging up. Buy a can of cleaner from local auto store and clean every service. Also always use paper type air filters and not reusable ones with oil impregnation as it rapidly speeds up MAF blockage by some oil particles making their way onto the MAF sensor and any dust particles that make their way through also sticking to it.
I've heard of "anti-grenade" kits for them but I've serviced mine every 7500km and cleaned the MAF sensor and egr valve almost every service and she's done 260,000km trouble free.