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3 ltr Nissan Diesel problems resolved

Discussion in 'GU Patrol' started by croozza, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. djp

    djp New Member

    Good work cheers. Hopefully test driving a dual cab on Wednesday and then I will make a decision. At this stage I think the Patrol is a good option and then doing a service first thing and doing the mods. I have heard AMMS at Sandgate is good?

    Many Thanks for all the advice guys

  2. Mikees

    Mikees New Member

    I agree with Frosty and Justin. There are way too many things that can go wrong with the Patrol ZD30. The Patrol reference document is gold though and anyone with a Patrol, especially a DI should download it and commit it to memory. It will save some issues.

    At the end of the day, a Patrol ZD30 is trouble waiting to happen. Live in denial if you like - I did - but it will let you down, particularly if towing a heavy van. Not convinced? Ring up a head specialist and ask them about the ZD30 heads. They were throwing out pallets of cracked heads when I got mine done. Other alloy head motors can produce problems too, there just seemed to more of the ZD30 items at the shop.
  3. djp

    djp New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Well I went with the 2006 Patrol with 78k on the clock. Will run her to around 80k and then have her serviced. So, I then plan to do the guages and the catch can, won't have too many pennies for a little while after that. Do you reckon that is the way I should go about this?

  4. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    much the same here every one you talk to that's got one is not happy every one looking to buy is after a TD42
    soon enough there won't be any td42 for sale .

    What's nissans game ? 3lt underpowered troublesome motor. Vs Toyota v8 diesel .

    As much IV heard dramas about that motor too every one that IV meet that owns one loves them .

    Not trying to pull the old Toyota vs Nissan as I think the patrol was very worthy in 4.2 lt . but to drop it and just have the 3lt . It's just diss appointing
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  5. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    They could always replace the troublesome 3ltr with a toyota motor, will put flame suit on now.

  6. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Nah mate its Pathetic...
  7. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    true that, but as always people will keep buying them and they will keep making them
    ( and then whine about it ) !
  8. muc the truck

    muc the truck Well-Known Member

    a little while ago i was at the servo pumping diesel and i noticed a man beside me sticking unleaded into his diesel patrol , shout mate, stop. he said your not the first and then replied he had just as many people tell him not to buy the patrol diesel as he gets told now not to put unleaded in it to feed the new v8 petrol motor under neath all the nissan turbo diesel stickers.. 1/2 the price of a new motor as his exploded and was quoted close to 12k by 3 shops . he says he has $6000 dollars worth of fuel price difference to use before it brakes even and he has more fun using a late model v8 from a wrecker. when you think about it if a diesel gets 16ltrs per 100 and the v8 he says gets 20 ltrs per hundred the 6k he saved is going to take a long time to spend . basicly he has to do about 100,000 kms or more before fuel starts costing him any more than his old diesel .

    and it sounded better.
  9. dronus

    dronus New Member

    Classic! Yeah I would never have put money on your td42 100s having problems before my 2001 zd30!

    Its mostly scaremongering, fit the mods and get out there and enjoy it. They are not all going to blow up and anyone that believes that is an idiot.

    If anyone needs a hand fitting the mods, check out my guide on in the diy section. It has pics and links where to get the parts.
    Most importantly it describes WHY the mods are needed, and doesn't make stupid statements like "they are all going to let you down". There is also lots of info on

    Educate yourself and you will have many years of trouble free motoring.

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  10. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Mine was due to turbo failure tho, not engine failure;),and its got 70k more k's than yours:cool:
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  11. dronus

    dronus New Member

    Yeah I know. Patrols turbos go too, as well as heads. Its more common than the holed piston "grenade" but unfortunately gets put in the same category. Stories of zd30 engines "grenading" can also just be heads or turbos when you investigate further. In the heat of the moment it gets posted on a public forum for all to see.

    The big killer is heat, and an EGT gauge should be the first thing fitted.

    If you are planning on putting bigger Tyres and towing heavy trailers, the patrol (yes even the new ones) might not be the right vehicle. If that's what I wanted to do I could have bought something else.
    Many of the failed engines were in cars that had done just that.. There were design flaws in the early engines but putting the big Tyres on and towing heavy trailers didn't help egt or egr problems.

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  12. dronus

    dronus New Member

  13. goldrush

    goldrush Moderator

    Thanks Dronus. Nice to see I'm not the only one who doesn't believe all the stories about "my best mate's, sister's, boyfriend's,third cousin's gardener" had a Patrol and it blew up.
  14. billolga

    billolga 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I had the black smoke - limp mode & all that & took my wagon to an "Expert" at Wollongong & after telling me what a heap of crap I had & costing a fortune they they did some of the above (EGR) & helped a bit.

    I tried the Dawes but later I had another go & took it to BERRIMA DIESEL (NSW) & within 2 hours all my power was back & the smoke gone at a fraction of the previous price.

    Berrima changed the VNT Controller (Boost controller) from the Nissan Vac. system to a Pressure controller strait from the Intercooler (Changed that too to a Town & Country after the Nissan one leaked like a suive) & told me the Aftermarket Air Filter I had was not as good as the Original as it restricted Air (They supplied me with an aftermarket one the same at half the price of the Nissan filter).
  15. TraceySmith

    TraceySmith New Member

    Hey everyone, We have a 3lt diesel patrol GU & just recently we have had trouble getting it to start. It takes 2 turn of the motor to start & sometimes the movement of the engine is really violent. Once started tho it runs like a dream ( as always ). We have changed the fuel filter primer, added new fuel hoses, new glow plugs & checked all other filters etc. The next thing to check is the injector pump. We are really hoping that it is just something VERY simple & not that causing this drama. Has anyone any advice to offer on how we can fix this ? Toyota owners - your comments are not required here - hahahahahahaha :)
  16. Chip Tuning

    Chip Tuning New Member

    We re-visited the starting problem issue on 150 Prados the other day. This is what we found.

    The factory regulated 5v power to the fuel rail sensor is has not enough current to power the sensor , the glow plugs, (a performance module if fitted) as well as run air con, etc and start up tests etc. The voltage without chip is JUST enough to fire the engine up at the best of times.

    We needed to provide more stable voltage. We therefore are adding fast and slow discharge capacitors on or Chips to re-power the factory system. Now, the Toyota’s all start BETTER than factory. Yes, it made the factory system better … hard to believe but true. Now just starting a crank and the engine fires

    Not sure if this is the issue on your Patrol but it sure was on the Toyotas.

    Have you tried a GOOD earthing kit???
  17. Chaz

    Chaz New Member

    I had a similar issue with hard starting and excessive smoke after startup. I found that if I switched my auxiliary battery on, she started like normal with no smoke. Obviously my 5 year old Exide Extreme was on its last legs, even though the engine seemed to turn over ok. I replaced the cranking battery and now she starts first turn every time
  18. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Hi Chaz, good to see you over here mate.

  19. Guido_s

    Guido_s New Member

    To overcome the failure to start on the 1st turn of the key - I wait about 3-5 seconds after to glow plug light goes out.

    Had to teach my good other half not to touch the accelerator pedal during this process.

  20. Chaz

    Chaz New Member

    Hi Mate,
    Yes, I'm still lurking around here somewhere.


    On a Di Patrol the glow plugs stay on for around 5 minutes after the light goes out, so waiting a bit longer before you start can help. However if starting is an issue and waiting longer helps, then it could be an early sign of inpending glow plug failure.

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