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3 ltr Nissan Diesel problems resolved

Discussion in 'GU Patrol' started by croozza, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Chip Tuning

    Chip Tuning New Member

    Sorry, so was i :)
  2. 4X4

    4X4 Moderator

    Your link here:
    is referring to Direct Injection 3.0 Litres
  3. rob_macca67

    rob_macca67 Well-Known Member

    What about the ZD30 in the Navara's...?
    They don't seem to have the same issues as the Patrols.... maybe except for the Turbo letting go which u can protect against via installing a IC.
  4. Chip Tuning

    Chip Tuning New Member

    I would bypass the VNT on these as well. The factory system is flawed and not helping the owner or engine.

    Intercoolers don't help turbos Rob. I/C are to provide cooler Intake temps. A bad i/c will cause some restriction (drop of pressure between on side and the other). A drop of pressure between 1 and 2 PSI is a restriction however it is considered normal since no restriction means the air is probably not passing by enough surface to cool it down.

    Give it a try. By bypassing you can always go back to the factory setup if you don't see an improvement in turbo spool and EGT
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  5. Chip Tuning

    Chip Tuning New Member

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  6. rob_macca67

    rob_macca67 Well-Known Member

    Just a question.... what does VNT stand for:

    The Navara 3ltrs don't have a variable vane Turbos like the Patrols but there has been many reports of the turbo's letting go in the Navara 3ltrs due to poor maintenance, or whatever. The installing of a aftermarket IC ( never came with factory IC) is mainly there to protect your engine against any turbo failure where it would stop the pieces of metal going into your engine and basically stuffing it. The front mounted IC that I have on mine makes a bit of a difference and pairs up well with the Chip that's installed. I was lucky to buy my Navara with all these goodies already fitted so it saved me a bundle. I've blocked off the EGR and installed a good quality Catch-can, all which will "hopefully" lengthen the life of the motor & turbo, etc.

    I think I'll be leaving the system as is as I prefer to have some protection (ie: the IC) should the Turbo decide to let go for some unknown reason.

    BTW: What Chips to u sell / install ???


  7. Chip Tuning

    Chip Tuning New Member

    Chip It Modules. We are Chip It Sydney and cover East Coast for them. (I was director of Chip It till 6 months ago) We also do re-flashing the factory ECU to switch off the ERG and DPF System (plus adding Performance Tune while we are in there)
  8. rob_macca67

    rob_macca67 Well-Known Member

    I just found out what VNT stands for.

    The 3ltr ZD30 engines in the Navara's never came out with them......
  9. Chip Tuning

    Chip Tuning New Member

    VNT = Variable Nozzle Turbocharger

    Some call it (VVT) Variable Vane Turbo

    Correct on the ZD30.
  10. tommyk1987

    tommyk1987 New Member

    id love to get an 04 ish patrol desiel. just worried about the engine :(
  11. goldrush

    goldrush Moderator

    I don't think you have too much to worry about. My 2002 Patrol is still going strong. Some of the ZD30's blew up but I think the problem has been exagerated by forums and word of mouth. If you count all the reports of Patrols turning into hand grenades I think you will find that about 2 million more of them blew up than were ever made in the first place. Over the years that I have been told of this problem I have talked to 3 people who have had it happen to them. I once asked on a forum about it and had heaps of replies telling me how bad they were but not one of them was a first hand account. All the reports start with "a mate of mine" or " my sister's husband's best mate's cousin's barber" yet all claim to be 100% accurate. BULLSH!T. Yes they were a badly designed motor. Yes some of them blew up. No they don't all blow up. Some of them get a good run.

    You may as well say "I like the Landcruisers but I've heard the drivetrain is weak."
    " I like dual cabs but they snap the chassis behind the cab."

    Just my opinion.
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  12. Chip Tuning

    Chip Tuning New Member

    get one that has had the mod done :)
  13. djp

    djp New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Can I just say that this subject has been driving me nuts for an age! I am currently in limbo, there is a 2006 Patrol (ZD30) with 70k on it, it's a govt car so definitely has not had the mods done. Based on what you say, is it a case of the damage is done and doing the mods now (if i buy it) would be a waste of time?

    I have been comparing this and a brand new Nissan Navara D40, only about 5k in it due to the special that Nissan currently have on. The obvious benefit is the fact that it is new and has a warranty etc.

    I love the Patrol though, I was under the impression that by around 03 - 04 the engines had sorted themselves out. So, do I get the Patrol and go straight to a diesel mechanic and get the mods done pronto and trust that it won't go bang on me? Or do I go with the Navara and rest assured that if anything happened to it for the next few years someone else is paying for it?

    I know this subject has been done to pieces and I somewhat agree that it does indeed appear to be wildly exaggerated in terms of how many people know someone directly who had this happen to them. In saying that, the problem is well documented by those in the know.

    Thanks for everyone's valuable input

  14. stressless

    stressless 4x4 Earth Contributer

    As far as I know it's only series 1-3 that had these problems,series 4 onwards are ok.
    We own an 07 series 4 with about 75,000 on it with no mods we have had no problems yet and hoping we don't. I also change the oil every 5000k.
  15. djp

    djp New Member

    Hi Stressless,

    That is probably quite close to what I have heard but I have in fact heard one or two whisperings here and there of a series 4 going bang. So I take it you are happy with your choice of vehicle then?

  16. goldrush

    goldrush Moderator

    I heard it was only the series 1 and 2. I bought a series 3 and now hear people saying that all the 3ltr Patrols are prone to this problem. Do the mods, keep up the maintenance and use only quality oil and I don't think you will have any worries. My Patrol is far more reliable than some of my mates other rigs. This problem does exist but it is grossly exaggerated as to how common it is.
  17. Chip Tuning

    Chip Tuning New Member

    can you get 3rd party warranty maybe? Just to be safe ... whatever the cost (sorta)

    There's a few to choose from and you could call them and ask for warranty for YOUR particular interest and possibly have them note it down on the policy that you are specifically buying the warranty for the "notorious" Patrol engine problem
  18. djp

    djp New Member

    Funny you should mention that Chiptuning. The 3rd party warranty that I can buy covers engine failure but only up to 4K.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the earlier point about having the mods done now? Would the damage have already been done potentially or is it something that you can get on top of before hand? Also, can anyone recommend a reputable mech in Brisbane Northern suburbs who could assist with this process?

  19. stressless

    stressless 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Since owning ours we have tow our campertrailer down to the Vic high country twice with no problems,it's just a bit slow uphill we are happy with it.We got our with only 30,000 on the clock it's now got only 76,000 odd on it. As far as I know they do have a fail safe system where they go into limp mode when over boosting we have never had that happen n I hope it never does.
  20. Chip Tuning

    Chip Tuning New Member

    the fail safe does not notice the high EGTs. thats the problem.

    Only an EGT gauge will tell.

    DJP govt cars are not used that hard are they?? If the thing is running and you do these mods its OK. if it hasn't cooked you will be fine. Damage can still be there but you'll probably be ok. just get the mods done and change the oil asap. Buy the warranty too ... can't hurt

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