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3 ltr Nissan Diesel problems resolved

Discussion in 'GU Patrol' started by croozza, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. frosty

    frosty Well-Known Member

    The MAF is another serious problam with them. They don't like getting dirty. I know some guys who carry sprares!! A bit poor really. When they fail, they send incorrect info to the ECU and sometimes they massively overboost. Do this a few times and some serios damage can occur!
  2. croozza

    croozza Active Member

    That is one of the reasons, I would recommend to anyone with a 3.0ltr to stop when you get the feeling that you have heaps of power and get it checked, as it might be running at 25+ psi boost. anything that runs that high will detonate.
  3. 4X4

    4X4 Moderator

    The only way to monitor them is to fit boost & pyro gauges. ;)

    I drive by the pyro and don't let it get above 500. The 3.0 Lt common rails are very good at keeping the boost in check, at 15 PSI. Very rarely do you get a spike.

  4. croozza

    croozza Active Member

    I agree, any turbo diesel should have a pyro and boost gauge, should be standard from the factory.
  5. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    well a boost guage is a 1 hour install so not really a big job actually could nt get much easyer..

    any one els notice the big fuel consumption of the patrol 3Lt. turbo on the FWY. ?
    i know quite a few people that have them and on long FWY drive's they tent to really chew the juice big time.
  6. kyleb

    kyleb New Member

    I think it's because the little 3.0L is working very hard to keep the heavy vehicle moving at 100+ kms/hour. I've heard that those replace their 3.0L with the Chev 6.5 TD get the same or better economy, which is probably due to the fact that the engine is not having to work as hard to move the heavy vehicle
  7. 4WDN

    4WDN 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I had the electronic control of the boost disconected. it is now set at 15, so there are no spikes and i get more consistent power.
  8. croozza

    croozza Active Member

    have you had to mod the fuel pump to compensate.
  9. Split pin

    Split pin Active Member

    I agree.

    I get better freeway economy with my NA 6.5 chevy V8 than I did with the 3 litre motor. And even better towing the camper. But if I push it to 110+ ks then the chevy really chews the gas. But have been happy cruising at around 100 - 110 ks towing camper or loaded car trailer
  10. OutBacker

    OutBacker New Member

    3.0LT economy can be good but it can also be bad. If you work it hard then expect 30L/100km but treat it nicely and you can get 15-16L/100km.

    It just depends how hard it is working. My worst economy was on the sand where I was getting 30L/100km. High revs and lots of wheel spin. I don't think running the A/C did it any good either.

    I'm waiting for an excuse to put the 6.5L diesel in. That looks like it should solve any issues I have. More power and similar economy by the sounds of it. The 3.0L is okay around town but when you need to do some work it just struggles.
  11. frosty

    frosty Well-Known Member

    What is it with you blokes and ya 6.5 lt. diesel chevs??
  12. 4WDN

    4WDN 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I had it chipped and dyno tuned, Makes a real difference, Anyone that puts a chip in, should have it put on the dyno becouse all motors are different.
  13. 4WDN

    4WDN 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I heard that putting the chev motor in would be just like sticking a lump of metal in the car with no perfomance. the 3 ltr has a lot of perfomance for its size, and with a little work, i get 717 nm torque at 60 km p/h and increased power by over 30%, And if anything ever goes wrong 3lts are cheap to buy. My freinds 2001 model patrol has the same 3ltr in it from new and has done over 200, 000 km with noproblems at all. Not every moter has problems just a higher % than other motors agree. Even toyotas have a % that go bad.
  14. Chip Tuning

    Chip Tuning New Member

    4xX4 I humbly disagree. The 3.0 lt Patrol is crap at holding boost because of the VNT. (Probably for used to pass Emission regs. Fitting a Dawes valve is something we do when anyone comes to the workshop. The VNT over-boosts and the MAF seeing higher air flow increases the fuel (as it thinks to compensate for the extra air) and ends up sky-rocketing the EGTs. then it hand grenades.

    Fitting a cheap Dawes Vales ($70) is definitely the answer. and fitting a Dawes vales WITH bleed valve gets even better results. Just goes to show the manufacturers DO get things wrong.

    You want to remove the VNT setup. I will see if I can find the link to this mod
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2012
  15. Chip Tuning

    Chip Tuning New Member

    4WDN, I agree with you here.

    This is the talk of the town with Patrol owners that wish to stop the over-boost and associated high EGTs.

    It also allows faster spool up as I have seen
  16. Gmac52

    Gmac52 New Member

    3.0 Patrol probs

    I too had probs with my 05 Patrol 3lt with overboost and excessive exhaust temps , i allready had a tunit chip and 3" exhaust. Went to Mike Vine Turbo and put a intercooler fan kit on and disconected the reburning of the gasses bingo all fixed , it seems our diesel isn't as good as it should be and is destroying turbo diesels all over the place. Not to promote a brand over another but have been told by M Vine and many others to use BP and so 2years later it goes like it should (great)

  17. Chip Tuning

    Chip Tuning New Member

    My Paj runs at 27 psi (upgraded to TD0H415T). No problems there :D.

    Also, Jamie from S&R Pro in Penrith runs his stock on his Colorado at 37psi. It's got an aftermarket ECU and our chip. Turbo has been hi-flowed with 2mm larger turbine

    You can read about his adventures on page 34 of Aussie Off Road Utes.

    Sorry for thread hijack. Back on topic Robert
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2012
  18. Chip Tuning

    Chip Tuning New Member

    Found the link I was referring of.


    I recommened this setup for a simple solution to removing the VNT setup:


    Another useful link which explains well EGT Problems with Nissan motors is this. It also applies to the 3.0 GU Patrol

    PS. In one of the links Chaz mentions an Oil Catch Can. There are cheaper ProVent style Oil Catch Cans out there. Not allowed yet to mention by whom :) but we talk about it here; ProVent Style Oil Catch Cans

    Fix for VNT or VGT Vacuum Actuated Turbos/
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2013
  19. Chip Tuning

    Chip Tuning New Member

    did they upgrade your i/c or just place fan kit on it?
  20. 4X4

    4X4 Moderator

    I was talking about Common Rail, not Direct Injection.

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