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3 ltr Nissan Diesel problems resolved

Discussion in 'GU Patrol' started by croozza, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. croozza

    croozza Active Member

    The has been a recent discovery that will solve the blown engine problem with the Nissan 3 ltr, the reason the motor blows is because the new euro emission laws make the engine recirculate the exhaust gasses back into the engine, this causes the engine to clag up (soot and oil mix together causing a blockage in the exhaust chambers) the turbo then over boosts as it gets blocked too (this can be a potential problem for other new turbo diesels too), the way to solve this is to stop the recirculation of exhaust gasses, (not recommended till out of warranty), and can only be done by someone who has the correct gear (so not a home job you can do) the motor will not loose any power and would still look the same, even with a trained eye, as the mod is done internally, the cost of the mod is around the $400 mark, anybody interested can contact On Track 4wd Centre in Slacks Creek, as they have just started to do this mod with great success.
    hope this helps
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  2. Jarh73

    Jarh73 New Member

    Or alternatively check out:

    GU/GR Nissan Patrol - Patrol 4x4 - Nissan Patrol Forum

    GU Patrol Reference Document (ZD30 owners look here) - Patrol 4x4 - Nissan Patrol Forum

    Search for "Block EGR"


    ZD30 Engine Problems

    You can block the EGR, adjust the turbo and install the dawes valve yourself if you follow the directions. But a boost gauge and EGT Gauge is highly recommended.

    If you have a non VNT type turbo then its a very easy job.

    Block EGR disable butterfly valve and its all done.


  3. croozza

    croozza Active Member

    May I reiterate, that this should not be done at home, nor was I going to go into great detail as how to fix it, but if you donot have the correct machined shims to block the EGR then you have just wasted your time, it is always better to get your mechanic to do it because if something does go wrong then they are the ones who have to pay to repair it not you, and they can do all the hard work fitting the gauges.
  4. Jarh73

    Jarh73 New Member

    Just keep in mind that there are almost as many blown up ZD30 engines that have blown up with this modification as those without.

    There is literally 1000's of theories as to why it occurs, fact is nobody actually knows.

    Check that forum out they are the gurus on such things.

    It certainly won't hurt to do it no doubt about that but it won't guarantee that your ZD30 won't blow up.

    Should always be combined with Exhaust Gas Temp Gauge and boost gauge.
    (not that that is a guarantee either)


  5. croozza

    croozza Active Member

    Are they still blowing up because they have done the work at home and not had the machined shims?
  6. frosty

    frosty Well-Known Member

    Yes, Check out the thread. Very informative and quite simple to do yourself. Also, get the grenade dyno tuned as well. The blow ups appear to be a combination of poor internal cooling, overboosting and over fuelling. A needle and seat, Dawes valve, block the EGR and remove the butterfly in the intercooler and block the vacume hose to it.

    All pretty simple, BUT, they still blow up.:mad:
  7. rodw

    rodw New Member

    Hmm. after reading this, I think I am glad to be driving a Toyota!
  8. Walkabout

    Walkabout Moderator

    Dont even consider this mod if your Nissan is under warranty, you can bet your life you will have to prove beyond all doubt to Nissan that the mod did not cause a problem which would be sheer brain damage.
    I agree the soot issues are a concern though the main problem with the early ZD30 (pre euro compliance) is that the EGM was tweaked for high performance and the motors just could not handle it, the latter series are tuned down to give greater reliability.
  9. frosty

    frosty Well-Known Member

    Even with or without the mod, post 02 models are still detonating themselves. A friend of mine has an 04 model. BANG!! Pistons 3 & 4, cracked.The engines are just crap and no one can can tell which ones next, where or when.
  10. monk2

    monk2 Active Member

    nissian the official toyota recovery vechicle :confused: HUMBUG they just go bang :( then a toyota has to tow them home and it don't go bang toyota tuff gota love them :D
  11. croozza

    croozza Active Member

    It is not just the Nissan, it is a potential problem for other makes as well, as they all go for small high powered diesel motors in the search for meeting emission laws, however the exception to the rule is the diesel V8 from Toyota, where they went for a larger motor and just turned the wick down on it, but as we see this motor develop and get upgraded in its life, we should see 600hp+ out of it, but is it then going to suffer the same fate.
  12. 4X4

    4X4 Moderator

    Also, not to mention the legalities of such a modification, regardless of whether or not it is visible!
  13. jaggs

    jaggs New Member

    Patrol Problem

    Hi There,

    What Mod do this guys do with the patrol??I am very keen to do my Mod.

  14. Jarh73

    Jarh73 New Member

  15. harry6781

    harry6781 New Member

    I did this mod at home took me about an hour to cut a piece of steel and bolt it in. Very easy and worthwhile mod.
  16. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    there's been heaps of 3lt motors that have gone bang, and have heard of so many happening so soon after warranty run out... it's quite poor to see nissan isnt owning up to the fault and fixing them pro bono and fixing the problem once and for all... love patrols but i doubt id want to take the risk with the 3Lt.
    4.2 much better option.

    even better get a toyota
  17. 4WDN

    4WDN 4x4 Earth Contributer

    The price you pay for a toyota the motor would want to be good.
  18. frosty

    frosty Well-Known Member

    And do the dishes!!
  19. rickgq

    rickgq New Member

    God i love my GQ dirty set of points is my biggest problem! i would never buy a GU unless it was a 4.2 diesel, as soon as nissan started fitting these french rubbish engines to the patrols, all the problems started! TB\TD42 tractor engines built to last!
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  20. daweclan

    daweclan New Member

    Totally agree there still blowin no matter what! I feel for the blokes or gals that have the problem,and alot just out of warranty,They should scrap them The nissan 3 Litre is a little boy trying to do the job of a man, Simple!!!!:(

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