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i4g3t rodeo

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I wanting to buy a 3” for my RA rodeo and I found this one on eBay and was wondering if anyone has bought one or one similar. I did email thy seller and he told me that over the years the people that have bought them have been really happy with it and it was easy to install. I even asked him if it would matter that I have a 2” lift already installed but he said that it will have no problems but he never said if the car would go up to a 5” lift like I’m thinking.



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I'm not 100% certain on either really, to gain that much lift the torsion bars need to be screwed right up, leaving no down travel at all.
A 3" lift replaces the 2" lift, so only an inch gain. Finally, I would not trust too many on ebay to be honest about a lift, better off to spend some time talking to suspension specialists, particularly workshops that are 4wd related. Don't forget legal issues as well mate.


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Holly shit! $1500 !!!

Get a front locker!

I dont care what they say. You won't get 3 inches of lift with torsion bars. EVER. Get new 2 inch HD Torsion bars so it actually flexes a bit. And a locker.
You'll go further than Jok then.


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I've had a look at this in the past. My Great Wall has identical front suspension as the ra rodeo.
What you get is diff drop brackets and modified upper control arms ( like calmini ) . And a modified front crossmember . These setups are very common on American isuzu sites. Your torsion bars aren't maxed out because you have lowered the diff and the control arms bring every thing back into alignment.
If I hadn't spent so much already I would of bought it
I've done something similar to the link below which is a simple diff drop with spacers that allows 2"-3" lift but keeps suspension travel and cv,s ok


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Even if you dont do the Calmini change, the other issue that limits wheel travel is the shocker. To get back the articulation even with w diff drop, you need a longer throw shocker. Not easy to come by as there are none that fit straight off the shelf.(well at least for a Great Wall)