2nd Annual NSW Gathering - Turon River


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Thanks to the NSW crew for putting on a fantastic week end , i really enjoyed the laid back way the week end was run .
You guys should be proud of the way week end went off , great drives , fun vibe , friendly people and the best fires of any trip I've been on .
It was certainly worth the drive up , i had a ball and will be back next year (hopefully with a few more victorians in tow )

In fact we should organise a vic to nsw trip up thru the HC like the NSW crew do each year .
Sounds like a plan in motion Luke :)
Where their camp fires really that good ?


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Did they let off another "Mother Of All Skyrockets" again. Last year's was pretty spectacular due to the hills locking in the sound inside the valley. Every little kid for 10kms went off in unison inside their tents. :)


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It was me. I'm having issues trying to post them but I will keep trying mate.