2022 nsw meet up


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Well as Palecek & McGowan don't have a direct impact on what happens internally in our state I'd say it will be a sure thing.
Just don't expect anyone from WA or Qld to join in as their premiers will still have the people of those states still living under a rock
And Dan the dictator will probably hold the vic residents to ransom to.

Anyway enough of a rant.

We should currently have zero restrictions now in NSW as we are over 90% double dose, Dominic is a twit if he does not pull back on restrictions before 95%.
That & this situation is just idiotic & fn ridiculous!


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It could happen but not many intestaters as mentioned , and if itr was to be booked and planned it will need to happen well before winter and the inevitable further lock downs and fear of case numbers


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Ideas for sites? South coast could be good.
Bendethera? If it opens again after the recent floods.


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Anyone want to do a day trip to watagans today - 7 aug. Just a light/medium track - very keen to get out in the bush.