2021 Toyota VDJ76R V8 GXL Wagon


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Well I finally got a new vehicle, we sold the Golf and the Amarok and started looking for a replacement, had to be a 4X4, wagon and have good power and torque and cargo space.

We first looked at the second hand market, WOW, the price of second hand 4WDs is outrages to say the least, I started with a Defender, "tell him he's dreamin" jeeeezus the money they want is ridiculous, but what else is there

Most on the market are SUVs, not proper 4WDs with little to buggar all room in the back, a 200 maybe, again way too much second hand, 70 series should be OK second, WRONG!!!!! again.

Well the daughter was looking as well and said, hey Baz, the 70 series looks cheaper new according to carsales, WHAT!!! serious, how much cheaper, up to 30k, bullshit, but she was right, hard to believe how much people are willing to pay for second hand Toyota 4WDs and Defenders.

Anyway, we decided to look at a new car, no new stock in NSW, city or rural, we spoke to a guy in Goulburn Toyota and said did any of the other people offer to check dealer stock elsewhere, we said no, hang one minute I'll have a look at Australia wide stock, 3 in stock in Australia, Perth, Melbourne and Shepperton, right quick call to Shepperton, put down a holding deposit, go down a day later and pick it up, drive it to Moama, get it registered and drive home.

We are starting a new life in Tasmania after Kerry passed away, she always wanted to move to Tassie and bought a Hobby Farm on 12Ha(30aches) our place here is not the same without her.

I don't have any photos as yet, they'll will come soon, until then this is what it looks like.

Good Points
Well, that V8 is brilliant, good torque and power, space is good, did I mention the engine, good looking car I have to say, fuel capacity and factory lockers.

Bad Points
Wheel track, that is not good at all, comfort is passable, wind noise, seats OK at best, drivers footwell is odd, stereo, although the satnav is OK, stiff ride, although I fixed that a bit by reducing the tyre pressure to standard factory settings instead of 42psi all round from the dealer.

What mods have you done
Heavy duty towbar fitted at TJM Wollongong.

What mods are on the list to do?
Bullbar and winch for starters, gotta fix that rear track too, someone mentioned changing the offset is the cheapest option, so will look into that.
UHF radio, GME of course, Aussie made, no brainer.
Roof rack
Drawers(Ill make some this time

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Not a lot of choice out there for this type of 4WD, D4 was the last of it's type, Defender is now basically a D5 but mostly it's butt ugly, 200 is way over our budget.
It will be used on the farm and for camping and 4WDriving and towing.

How often do you go offroad?
Quite a lot

What will your next vehicle be?
Last one for me
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I still have the Disco 4, just can't part with it, too many great memories with Kerry touring Australia with it and I still love it, just a great all round vehicle.


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Had a towbar fitted yesterday, will need to move the trailer plug as usual as it will get ripped of the first hole or or wash out I go in, why can't they put it somewhere it won't get damaged.

So those with the 76, how have you fixed the narrow rear track, I will eventually get the True Trak conversion but not yet, don't want to upset Toyota too soon, I'll give it 12mths or so for the car to settle in for any potential warranty issues.
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You can run a negative offset on your rear rims. I run neg 50 on my 79, not sure how you go with the rear guard clearance on a 76
I am getting the trutrack mod done on my new one


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You can run a negative offset on your rear rims. I run neg 50 on my 79, not sure how you go with the rear guard clearance on a 76
I am getting the trutrack mod done on my new one

Thanks, should be fine I reckon, I want to keep the GXL rims in good nick so will get some steelies for everyday use, can't wait to take it offroad, I'll take the Disco out as well to see how they compare, the Disco is a bit heavy at just over 3tonne though with smaller tyres, should be fun I reckon.