2020 76 Series Landcruiser - Whining/Ringing noise while coasting


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I was thinking the thrust bearing on the clutch if so it usually goes quite when you push the clutch in. I've had 3 or 4 Toyota's and 2 Nissans with that issue over the yrs, never had one replaced because of it and never had one fail.
All you can do is trouble shoot to find what the noise is and where it's coming from.


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Maybe put it up on stands and run in gear and out it to find put exactly where the noise is coming from.


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Hi all,

I realise I have posted the last 3 topics recently. So, following this post I will pipe down.

I have a whining noise that came with my cruiser from new. No idea why I have left it, but I figured I should start figuring out what the hell it is before warranty runs out.

The whining / ringing noise occurs above 1800rpm while car is coasting in gear. Once on the accelerator or clutch the noise disappears instantly. Above 2500rpm (roughly) the ringing jumps up an octave and goes even more high pitched. A prime example of this is rolling down a hill in 3rd, not touching anything (except the steering wheel) it will ring its heart out. It sounds like a bird that has had way to many coffees.

I have taken short vids of this but cannot seem to upload them.

Originally I thought it may be something that will wear in perhaps (never had a new car), but now at 30k kms, it is the same as day one.

I would love to figure this out, because I really CBF going to Toyota and dealing with their antics.
Hey mate,

I have the exact same noise in my 79 series single cab, been driving me mad lately, my Ute has 248xxx kms never heard it before.

I am a truck mechanic and haven’t come across anything like this. I only picked up my Ute a couple of weeks ago and it’s already bugging me.

I will be doing some digging around this afternoon to try and find some info on what it is and maybe find a resolution. If I do I’ll make sure to post it here.

Another question I have while I’m here, does your cruiser seem to make a loud whine when your in 5th gear from around 90-110kms per hour. That seems to be another issue I’m running into now as well.

Cheers talk soon


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Maybe 5th gear is on the way out there usually weaker and can be upgraded.
It depends if have towed using 5th gear as well which you probably already know is not a good idea for heavy loads.
There is also a taller 5th gear available to cut the revs by 400rpm if it does happen to need replacing.