2019 VIC Gathering.


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Here it is, none have put there hand up so I will.

Thursday 14 November to Sunday 17 November.

Location : Skipworth Reserve OR Knockwood Reserve ( to be confirmed please post your preference and majority wins )
Skipworth is very easy access on bitumen, close to Jamo but smaller, Knockwood is further out so less access to town but bigger camp ground and dirt road to get there, 45 minutes further than Skipworth

Please post your intention if joining so I can update the attending list.

I am NOT organizing anything other than this, I am NOT responsible for any trips that may or may not happen over the weekend.
Normal camping etiquette applies to all with no exceptions.
Please be fully self sufficient for the weekend.

Matt and Liza


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Would love to come along Matt , but as always at this time of year is the busy period , No Holidays .
I'm just starting 2 weeks off tomorrow .
Not really doing anything to the standard set by the previous Vic gathering organizers , no raffles no prizes not even a sticker but I will guarantee a fun weekend with some good company , assuming people will show up , and a couple of frothies while standing around a crackling camp fire.:)
If you want to do stickers drop me a message, sure we can work something out