2019 Toyota Fortuner


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Hi all
Well this week I I picked up my new ride. After 8 years and 180 000Ks my D40 has gone. It was becoming a money pit and the aircon dying in 38 degrees was the last straw. I was considering for a long time getting a 100 and looked and drove about a dozen over the last 12 months but never found the right one at the right price. The Fortuner is a GX which as new fourbies go make it pretty basic as I didn’t want something with too many gadgets. The wife is happy as it is quiet and smooth riding and she wanted something new. Got a good bargain with a 30k changeover with the Ute. So happy days.
There won’t be too many mods until the warranty runs out. For the moment it will be able to do what I need it to.


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tested the airbags with a towing trip (600Ks) two weeks ago. gotta say the new rig keeps impressing me. My philosophy for this build is to keep it light so have gone with just a nudge bar for protection. I am thinking it will provide enough to keep me mobile if I do have an incident. Also fitted up a set of old halogens I had sitting in the garage for a decade. work fine for now. a lift and tyres next.


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With those halogen lamps, check the weight of those against the Toyota recommended lamps, the nudge bars are weight sensitive.


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picked up a set of ironman side steps yesterday
fitted them on my own in less than 2 hours this morning. very happy with them.


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I have a short wife who likes a step, I had sliders on my last fourby and found (without the checker plate) they let a lot of rocks and mud through. I am not planning to do any hardcore stuff with this one , mainly touring. I reckon these will still give me a heap of sill protection , better than the factory plastic stuff at least.


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Pretty happy with the look.
17x9 p25 Monster Artillery fitted with 265/70's Nitto Terra Grapplers.
I had the Nittos on my D40 for 80thou and they went well.
No rubbing on stock suspension but I foresee a 2" lift in the near future.


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like the wheels mate !
came across this
interesting comparisons made !

the new ones perform alright by the looks