2019 Nissan Navara D23. Opinions?


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i tested one as a possible replacement to the pathfinder.

the 2.3 seemed gutless compared to the 2.5 in the pathfinder and that was unladen, my concern was loaded it up and it would struggle but there seems to be plenty out there touring.

The second issue i had was visibility, the curve of the bonnet meant i couldn't see where the front of the vehicle was, might be improved with a bullbar

Tyler Thompson had a black one on his youtube one and just swapped it over to a white one if you want someone who uses it and he seems fairly sensible.


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Thanks, I’m taking her to test drive one tomorrow.
I watch his channel he drives it very sensible
I haven’t been in one yet so I’ll see tomorrow
Thank you


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Let the next build begin



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I do not know anything about Navara but always was curious about that car. When I was searching for different car sites I was always curious about Nissan Navara as it is a really nice car for me but of course, there are some other cars better, but as I am a loyal Nissan customer they offered me a very good price for new Navara 2021 and I really do not know what to do. I will go on a test drive next week and will share my thoughts with you as well, but so far by pictures and videos, I love this car. Everything that is left is to go and test this car in real life and I would like to test it offroad if they will allow me.
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