2019 Jimny


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It's been nearly 4 months or more , haven't heard anything from any new owners.
Or has is been an internet pre release ejaculation like the new Raptor / Defender ???
I know the waiting list is long lol :)


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If it was just me, even touring, I could make it work. Would enjoy the challenge.
Take out the back seats, build a storage frame to use all the space, pack lightweight stuff.
Small light RTT (James Baroud can do one in carbon fibre under 40kg)


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I have seen quite a few on the road , I really like them but too small for me.
I've seen 2 on the road so far , and yeah , nice but they look about as big as a hanky tissue box.
Just thought it was strange how the hype built up on the internet .
Like the Raptor with its "Huge" waiting list , and you can get one now at any Ford dealer at a discounted price on the floor ;)
Maybe they are just building to order numbers ?


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Still a huge waiting list. Some near new Jimnys are fetching mid $35-36k with a couple of thousand km's on them. Demand is well over supply still.

Paddler Ed

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We've got 2x Jimny's around here... one had a bit of a re-shape on the nose as I suspect ARB were slow in getting the bars out the door... it now sports straight panels and an ARB bar...