2019 Finke FJCC


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Neil Watts

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So! Isn't it amazing how a simple common interest can bring together such a diverse and varied bunch of individuals, this individuality also manifests in the personalisation and individuality of each and every vehicle.
I'd just like to thank all who joined me on this trip through some amazing country as we weaved our way across, up and down this amazing place we call Australia. To those that were unfortunate to not make it to the start line, hope your recovery is going well Dan, well maybe next year!

The following is a pictorial snippet of some of the action.

Day two detour around Dangalli Conservation Park, it was closed due to Shooters doing a cull. That wasn’t on the schedule and required driving around the NP via Renmark, Morgan SA and then north on the dirt.

Day 2 detour around Danggali Conservation Park, park was closed due to Shooters doing a cull..jpg

Camp night 2, somewhere between Yunta and Parachilna.

Camp night 2.jpg

A quick cook up and basic meal as it was a long day.

Simple Dinner after a big day, somewhere between Yunta SA and the Fliners Ranges SA.jpg

Then this happened!

Then this happened!!!!.jpg

Quick stop next morning in Blinman for a coffee and pie.

Quick stop at Blinman for a coffee and Pie.jpg

Couple of staged shots.


Group Photo's on oute to Parachilna.jpg

Re fuel in Leigh Creek and a quick shop then onto Farina Underground Bakery, we were going to camp at Farina but it was very windy and exposed, basically the worst dust bowl around. We pushed onto Beresford siding for a late arrival.

Underground bakery Farina SA.jpg


Fire Box.jpg

Good morning Beresford!

Good Morning Day 3, Beresford Siding.jpg


From Beresford we drove to William Creek, Marree and onto Coober Pedy and stopped overnight in Marla, $10 a night!

The road into Deep Well from the South West where we set up base camp for the race.

Base Camp trackside.
Then it was off to Alice for a couple of nights to watch the show.

Camp at the track.jpg


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Neil Watts

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Let the show begin!


IMG_2154 4.jpg

Race day and Toby was not hanging around.

Finke - Alice.png

The Show.jpg

So …….. day 2 of the Finke and after hearing on the UHF that Toby was 7 minutes in the lead, when he went through the checkpoint prior to the one we were near, we were getting excited. We waited and waited but unfortunately he never arrived ……… so we broke camp and headed off for Old Andado Station.


Old Andado.jpg




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Too many people at the camp ground so we headed off towards Mt Dare for a more secluded camp.

View attachment Camp after leaving the Finke Race, between Old Andado and Mt Dare.jpg

Following morning sunrise before heading off to Mt Dare.

Sunrise before heading off to Mt Dare.jpg

Mt Dare and $2.55 per litre.


Mt Dare.jpg

From here it was onto Dalhousie for a much needed swim before heading into the desert, in places it was very green.

The last part of the approach to Eyre Creek from, West to East.

Eyre Creek.


The road out on the Eastern bank.

From here we went onto Birdsville for the night before making the long trek home.


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Neil Watts

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A quick stop at Mungarannie Hotel for lunch and we were on our way again.

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From Mungarannie we headed for the Parachilna Hotel for dinner and then found a camp at the Gorge, being dark and a Friday night made it harder than we anticipated but it all worked out, even found a spot with some left over firewood. Next day was through to Carina for a night at the old tennis courts and then home the next day.

A genuinely good time with genuine people, highlights being the free camps, scenery and memories made. It’s hard to put the pictures into words, the only way to truely experience the outback is to get amongst it, breath it in and let it take hold.