2018 NSW Annual Meeting - Bendethera. May 25th - 27th

teza h

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I hope every one is aware just how cold it can get in the vally at night,we were there in early May and every thing froze,including the water bottle in our tent,5mm thick on the dishwater. The days can be beutifull though.


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Its still a couple of months away, but thought I would share. Track conditions as of Sunday 11th March:

Merricumbene - generally okay. Some moguls on some water bars when traveling from north to south. One "rough" section south of the Oulla intersection. Be aware of the sharp hair pains. One short downhill south of the Mongamula intersection on a southern face was slippery. Could be interesting when travelling northbound after rain.
Mongamula - West of Alpine: all okay. East of Alpine: steeper than Merricumbene, some moguls on water bars when travelling up to Merricumbene.
Minuma Range - nothing significant to report.
Dampier Mountain from Bendethera to Minuma Range - good condition, be aware of the sharp hair pin...
Bendethera to Moruya - nothing of interest to report...


teza h

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I might have to take a test run at these tracks before the event. That way I know what I'm in for and work out the best way in for me and the challenger.
Mate the tracks are generaly very good in dry weather,just very steep in places with some switch backs going down into the vally .The Merricumbene FT takes about 4 hours of low range from dry creek crossing to the vally,the other ways in are quicker but less fun I recon.