2018 NSW Annual Meeting - Bendethera. May 25th - 27th

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May 25th to 27th (feel free to arrive earlier, and stay later)
Bendethera Valley
35°56'34.7"S 149°44'56.3"E
-35.942969, 149.748966

The Gathering
This year after a chat amongst many different fires, we decided lets have an adventure to camp, and then relax, catch up and maybe check out the the caves and sites at Bendethera.
With a multitude of ways to access the camp, and just the sheer beauty of the place, it will make for an excellent weekend away.
Final camp position is to be determined closer to date, most likely the large area on the most NE side of camp over river. (see GPS points above)
No doubt some organised meets for drive in (Merricumbene for example) will also be organised in thread.
HERE is link to an older earth trip to Bendethera.
Also, anyone attending needs to be a 4x4 Earth member and complete the rego form as well so we know just how many people are coming. Thanks.

What is Bendethera?

The beautiful and remote campground of Bendethera Valley is the ideal place for a relaxing break or Earth Gathering. Deua River flows through this open valley, which in early spring is adorned with the yellow bloom of Bendethera wattle and in winter sometimes holds a magical morning mist.

Along the river are plenty of swimming spots and the kids will have loads of fun on lilos. Have a picnic on the bank and keep your binoculars handy for birdwatching as a multitude of species make their home in the area. There are walking opportunities around the campground, but, for a decent hike, head northwest on Bendethera Cave track.

At dusk, look out for kangaroos, wallabies and wombats grazing on the grassy flats. As the sun goes down, relax with friends and family around an open fire.

Where is Benethera?
Bendethera Valley campground is in the southern precinct of Deua National Park.

To get there from the east (nearest town, Moruya):
  • Take Western Boundary Road turnoff from Princes Highway (south of Moruya).
  • Turn left onto Little Sugarloaf Road
  • Follow Bendethera fire trail
To get there from the west (nearest town, Braidwood):
  • Take Middle Mountain Road (via Krawarree Road) and Minuma Range fire trail.
  • Turn onto Dampier Mountain fire trail
There is also access from the West side via Snowball, and the Hardest way in is via Merricumbene fire trail.

Nation Park's fact sheet can be read HERE.

Bendethera is quite a trip, and reasonably remote. Be aware fuel stops are limited before camp if travelling outside normal hours. (Braidwood closes at 11pm)

Facilities and Services:
  • Accessible to 4 wheel drive vehicles only.
  • Camper Trailer access via Moruya only (fines apply)
  • Not recommended for 2 wheel drive vehicles. Conditions can change rapidly.
  • There are pit toilets in the main camping area.
  • No dogs
  • Water is available for cleaning, showering, portable toilets etc from the creek
  • The location has a number of fire pits.
  • There is no power at the campground.
  • Closest LP Gas, Diesel and Petrol is at Braidwood or Moruya (limited hours)
  • No Phone Signal at the Campground.
  • Firewood is not provided and may not be collected from the park, so you’ll need to bring your own supply.
  • Generators are not permitted in this campground
  • Rubbish bins are not available, so please take your rubbish with you when leaving.
What you need to Bring:
  • Your own rated recovery equipment.
  • All camping equipment required.
  • All food and water for cooking and drinking.
  • UHF radio for communication while driving recommended.
  • Anything else to be self sufficient for the duration of your stay.
All rubbish must be taken out with you. There are no rubbish bins.
Please do not dispose of metal containers, glass bottles or plastic in campfires.
Remember, if you can carry it in, you can carry it out.
We would also encourage picking up any rubbish you come across.
Please do not dispose of any rubbish in the pit toilets as this leads to them being closed and unavailable

If we've missed something above (we will have) feel free to yell out below or send @Gavo a message.


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