2018 Isuzu Mux Tyres


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Gday guys,

Just looking for a bit of advice or some experiences with Bridgestone Duller At's. I've just had a set of 265/60R18s fitted to genuine 18" rims on my Mux but ever since I've had wheel balance issues. Bridgestone Select have tried 3 times so far with no luck and have suggested that there is an issue with the tyres, which they are replacing with a new set in the coming week.. They have also told me that they are the wrong size tyres for the vehicle. But my father-in-law has a set on his Mux with same size rims and no issues.

Have any of you come across this problem? If so, what was your fix?


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that's normally a batch problem, not across the board, manufacturing f up,
hope the new ones were made on a Wednesday,:cool: not friday arvo :oops: or Monday morning o_O