2017 Mitsubishi Triton Exceed Build.


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After all the Mitsubishi denials regarding its many faults last week the aircon packed in too and I had enough so I just traded this heap of shit, I already feel bad for it’s next owner but I’m wrapped I’ll never again have to stand inside a Mitsubishi dealership.

For any prospective triton buyers reading this I strongly suggest you buy something decent
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How’s the roof rack got fuel economy? I’m pretty happy still pulling 700ish Km a tank on 31s and don’t technically need one for work. (Would like one for shovel, boys trips etc)

Looks ripper by the way man, these Utes look solid with a little bit of love.


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Looks sweet!
Most of the time this is all you need (and more) to tour and to go to places most other vehicles will not.
You will certainly have heaps of enjoyment for many years to come.