2015 VDJ79 Landcruiser GXL

Time to jump on the bandwagon and start a thread for my new toy! Got a few plans to get it set up as a tourer with my partner, but planning on taking things slow and figure out exactly what we want to do to it.


I bought it as a surprisingly tidy ex parks vehicle, so it has a few mods already but nothing too silly.


  • Tuff Alloy Bullbar (2 post)/Brush Bars/Sliders
  • Warn XD9000-S Winch
  • Interior Roof Console
  • 33 Inch Muddies
  • Dual Battery with 100AH Deep Cycle Lead Acid on a REDARC Isolator
So far I've only put in a GME UHF... More to follow
Yea thats not a bad option, considered that myself.
From what I can tell 1200mm should be heaps of sheltered storage for 2 people, and I like the versatility of a tray. The canopy will be on lift off jacks too.

My only concern with a RTT is fuel economy - sitting on a full height canopy it'll be sitting above the cab. Perhaps I can mount a solar panel as a bit of a spoiler down the line. That being said, if you're worried about fuel economy don't buy a 4.5 TD V8...


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yea my canopy is 2000mm and its 75% empty even on a trip and with a double swag in it but just big enough it i want to sleep in it.
Considered a slightly shorter canopy? 1200mm is pretty tall to start with, mine is 1050mm i believe.

I dont reckon fuel economy will be too greatly affected, cruisers dont seem to be as sensitive to aero/modifications as most other utes
The canopy I'm looking at is 1000mm tall and 1200mm long. I looked at the shorter canopies, but the issue with the 1200mm is the RTT will be slightly longer, so it's got to be the same height as my headboard (not to mention mounting awnings etc). As you said, the economy is something to think about, but I'm not going to redesign anything due to concerns about it


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I have 1200 long canopy on my dual cab

Be mindful of canopy height as if it is too tall it is much harder to pack and unpack the RTT plus it all gets very tall
I used to have a full length canopy and it was higher too but changed for this as it is so much easier to use


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My old set up, dam I miss the set up
Rooftop tent went on the frame
I reckon if you had a shorter height canopy and rooftop was lower it would be perfect
I used to strap fire wood on the back and it now I have a wagon it’s a pain to put the wood on the roof!
Don’t go to low still need to fit fridge in your canopy!
I had mine in the back seats lol
Be mindful of canopy height as if it is too tall it is much harder to pack and unpack the RTT plus it all gets very tall

Very good point! I'll keep that in mind, the 70s are a tall rig right out of the box. I'm 6'2" so I'm no shrimp but still... Do you think it's viable to rely on being able to get onto the tray for setup?

Also, I picked up a cheap and cheerful lightbar for $20! Perfect reversing lamp!


Had a day trip up to Zig Zag with a mate for a bit of a shakedown. Sadly we didn't make it the whole way our planned loop, as it's been veeeery wet the last week. We turned around rather than risk some serious damage (after wathcing a 6" lifted 'lux on 35s bust a CV). I kept getting hung up and there was just no traction to be found, even twin locked with the tyres right down. Doesn't mean it wasn't a great day!