2015 Colorado oil usage

Just an update on my engine. I completed the 3000k oil consumption test ( took a while as we do not do a lot of driving in the collie) with an estimated result of 2.3l per 10,000k. Dealer said that was within spec for the engine. I told them i was not happy with that so they said I would need to contact Holden directly and lodge a complaint with them.
Contacted Holden Customer Care and was told two more consumption tests would be required so back on the merry go round we got.
I had just started the second test when I found out about the thicker oil being used. At that time i decided enough was enough I was not going to continue months of more testing with results that would be dubious at best.
I researched the Qld Office of Fair Trading website which was very helpful, they even have template letters you can use to get you started. I sent the letter to my dealer and in it I made it clear I would not be completing any more tests and wanted the thicker oil out of my engine. The only thing I would accept was a new engine or I would be proceeding with a claim through Fair Trading. As was suggested by Fair Trading I gave them 10 days to respond and respond they did.
It took two days and I had the general manager of the dealership on the phone telling me that Holden had decided they would replace the engine and they would also provide me with a loan car during the 4 days it would take to do the work. It took them under a week to get the engine and it was fitted the following week, so in just over two weeks from sending my letter it was all done. They replaced the complete engine (minus all the bolt on stuff of course) so am happy with the end result. Hopefully this will see an end to my oil consumption problems.


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Good luck with it all, my experience with the same issue and Holden, bought the car brand new, it used twice as much fuel as stated on the consumption figures, nothing found to be wrong, converted to LPG through there recommended installer, oil was going through 3 l /100 replaced engine, LPG wouldn't idle back and forth between installer and Holden, engine rattle and more oil consumption on second engine replaced again, still wouldn't idle though.
Sold the POS after 65000 km on its 3rd engine 3 ECU's, 2 LPG computers, 14 stays at the stealer and 4 stays at the LPG shop.
3 years of ownership and a total of just over 3 months with loan cars and my work ute in a workshop.
Never again will I buy a Holden
I have finally had my engine replaced, I was on a oil consumption test from the 15,000km service right along until the 60,000km service where they found the engine using more than 2 litres per 10,000kms (apparently up to 2 litres is acceptable by Holden). I must say that the vehicle does drive differently with this new engine, for the better! There was a lag on taking off with the old one, this one just digs in and goes. Much happier. Will have to wait and see if the new engine also uses oil, but I have figured that there must have been an issue with the 2014/15 engines (work vehicles purchased at the same time did the same thing, newer ones are fine). Apart from the oil usage, the Collie has been a great vehicle.
I have finally had my engine replaced,
Another good result.
I don't think Holden will baulk at eventually changing these engines but they certainly try all the tricks to avoid it if they can. Once you dig your heels in they seem to give in pretty quickly.

From what I discovered I would agree with @Collie7-2014 that the problem engines seemed to be from mid 2014 to mid 2015. I have seen Holden documentation that indicates it was not present in my13 engines.
The engines in the "series 1" pre my14 Colorado were all duramax 1 engines.
when they added the mylink they also updated the engine to what they called the duramax2 and this issue was probably apart of that first run.
my collie 7 is a 2015 my16 and it does not use stuff all oil but its something I will have to keep an eye on I guess.
my collie 7 is a 2015 my16 and it does not use stuff all oil but its something I will have to keep an eye on I guess.
Yes it seems to be mainly a my15 problem, and you would definitely notice if you had the problem. The oil was long gone from the dip stick well before the service was due.
Just joined as my Jan 2014 Colorado is also um shit . Not caring if Holden are looking at this forum as they will hear all of this anyway. Twice after just less than 10000 km no oil can be found on the dipstick . How much is left in the sump I don’t know. I firstly asked dealer for the exact oil they use so I didn’t nullify the warranty they told me they don’t use 5-30 any more ! I needed 5-40 but you can’t get it in shops yet. Kindly they topped the oil for nothing. Oil replacement light came on 10000 later no oil on dipstick. An oil consumption test is happening in another 5000+ km. SUS about thicker oil being able to fix a mechanical problem but hay I’m not a mechanic. Put in a complaint with Holden ,rang ACCC ,will be ringing fair trading tomorrow. My 92 diesel 80 series at 450 000 km towing a trailer didn’t use that much oil whatthe .
I can feel your frustration. It appears Holden will do their best to stuff you around in the hope you will loose interest. If your consumption is over 2lt per 10000 you will have a good case for a new engine. Holden set under 2lt per 10000 as the acceptable limit originally but upped it to 2.5lt per 10000 in 2017, such a dodgy tactic. They have come up with some beauties for sure, Like:
All modern diesel engines will use oil......... Funny the oil level on my new engine does not move between services now.
The dip stick is too short...... So they brought out a new dipstick
We will run non spec heavier oil for the consumption test....... This one is worthy of the dodgiest of backyard car sale yards. They may as well run down to Supercheap and grab a can of Wynns "engine rebuild in a can".
Apparently they have now had new oil caps printed up with 5w40 on them and will put a sticker in your owners manual to cover the the 5w30.

Good luck with your quest I hope you get a new engine. There is a facebook group dedicated to this issue have a look for "Colorado oil" and you will find it. They may have some ideas on how best to proceed.
They have put a new oil cap with 5 w 40 on when they did the 90 000 but no sticker. I’m not on face book it’s like some car manufacturers , they say everything is great but you know it’s BS . Wow , I’m not usually this sinical. My partner couldn’t find the site but we will try again. Spoken to 3 strangers with 2013 Colorado’s all said no oil consumption problems ,maybe Holden did a deal with the oil company for the 2014 run OR maybe something is wrong with the motor. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Thanks for your reply
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my 2015 my16 collie 7 is going in for a new engine this week because the dipstick was dry after around 5k and that was normal hwy driving no towing I am not sure what the usage figures were but they are replacing the engine under warranty
get onto that facebook group if you are one of the people with this issue!

at the start it used almost no oil at all but after about 35,000km it started to use more and more so its something you need to monitor.

the problem seems to be with some of the first duramax2 engines my14 > my16.
the < 2013 duramax1 engines don't seem to have this issue.

I posted this on 4wd action...

if you have a Colorado ute or 7 that was built around 2014 to 2015 check your oil usage because there is a problem with some of them and holden will replace your old 5w 30 oil cap with a 5w 40 and they will put 5w 40 oil in the engine in an attempt to lower the consumption but for many engines this is not fixing the problem.

if your oil cap has 5w 40 printed on it they have changed your cap and might have changed your dipstick to a longer one too

some people and my self have found the dipstick dry after 6k to 10k kms.
my 2015 my16 c7 is going in for a new engine this week but my 2013 ute is fine so check your oil before your warranty expires.

you can also join this facebook group that has many people with this issue

here are the measurements of the original dipstick

and original oil cap, the owners manual should still show 5w 30.
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Damn I just checked mine and it is the 5w 40 cap. Do you know if that was a blanket fix they did on all Collies within a certain build date or if it was only on cars showing high consumption? I've never complained about oil usage and haven't noticed an issue but I'll be checking the dipstick length and keeping a close eye on it. Only 20000 to go until the warranty expires :(.
I’m coming to the end of my oil consumption test with 5-40 oil and it looks like by 10 000 kl it’s going to be under the dipstick again. I checked with Holden and my dipstick is the new magical oil consumption fixer . Can anyone give me an idea of how much oil would be left ? . Thanks goes to everyone for all the info and help .


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I’m coming to the end of my oil consumption test with 5-40 oil and it looks like by 10 000 kl it’s going to be under the dipstick again. I checked with Holden and my dipstick is the new magical oil consumption fixer . Can anyone give me an idea of how much oil would be left ? . Thanks goes to everyone for all the info and help .
There is probably only a half litre between high and low on the dipstick.
Are you checking levels after switching engine off and letting it sit for at least a half hour?