2015 Colorado LTZ Headlight Globes


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So I have a 2015 LTZ Colorado I am just wondering I know the car has h1 Globes for high and low beam. But I am just wondering why dose every Web site say they can have H1 or H7 globes.
Can you install h7 globes into same socket as h1 Globe


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Standard Colorado has H1 globes for high beam and H7 globes for low beam as far as I know. Double check yours and compare them to online pics of H1 and H7 globes. They don't look interchangeable to me!


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The colorados have 2 different headlight types.
One is a projector type which is on the ltz and the other is a standard type.

The projector type bulb config is H1 low and H1 high.
The standard type is H7 low and H1 high.

The H1 bulb will not fit into the H7 socket.