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2014 VDJ76 Landcruiser

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by Dueller, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Dueller

    Dueller Member

    This is a bit of info on my 76 series cruiser. I've previously built up a 120 series Prado as our first tourer but found it was time for a bit more grunt once we purchased a camper trailer. I have been a Toyota fan for as long as I can remember and fell in love with the 70 series a long time ago when I was driving a naturally aspirated troopy, one of the best 4WD's I've ever had. Originally I was in the market for a second hand, low km unit but as you can imagine they are really hard to come by without having done some time with a major rental company or in a mine somewhere. I’ve used these vehicles at work and see what they can go through, plus the high asking price for second hand really made my mind up that buying new was the better investment. The vehicle is a 2014 December plate 76 Series Landcruiser Workmate. I opted for the wagon midsize platform as it, in my opinion, is the best combination of 4WD ability, passenger requirements and touring buildability. She came stock as a rock from Toyota with the only inclusion of the tow ball. To say I’m happy with this truck is an understatement. So capable out of the box and to modify these things is a dream compared to my build-up of the Prado. With 34km on the clock, she was licensed and the mods began straight away.

    As mentioned, our previous Prado was our first 4WD so I learned a lot about what mods did and didn’t work for what we wanted to do when it came to touring and camping. Some mods and equipment were saved from the sale of that vehicle so they could be added to this current build. The cruiser build has had some of the mod list below added by myself and the help of my father with long hours in the shed and various workshops to transform it into how it sits as today. The aim of this build was to be as self-sufficient as possible when camping and coupled with our camper trailer.

    We have been lucky enough to have lived up in north WA with allot of time spent in Broome and have had amazing areas to explore right on our doorstep. We have frequented the Cape Leveque peninsula several times a year with Middle Lagoon our notable favourite place to set up camp and venture out on day trips. Derby and the start of the Gibb River Rd (Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek, Geeky Gorge) through to Fitzroy Crossing were also a great weekender trip with our first completion of the Gibb River Road in its entirety a bucket list item we were lucky to have ticked off the list. We were also able to spend lazy Sunday arvos driving the local beaches like the iconic Cable Beach and Gantheaume Point for sunset bevvies and the odd BBQ. The cruiser has also taken us through the WA coastline and Coral Coast region several times with Exmouth, Coral Bay, Kalbarri, and Dampier as notable highlights. Trips to and from Perth have also taken in parts of Karijini National Park, Marble Bar, Newman through to Mt Magnet Goldfields region etc. We also enjoy the trips down to Margaret River and Prevelly to escape to some cooler weather and tackle some challenging tracks and softer beaches.

    Future trips we hope to mark off the list include The Savanna Way from Broome to Cairns and for me, id want to take the Cruiser to the tip of Cape York. Ideally, though I have a niggling thought in the back of my brain that wants to upgrade the camper to a van and do the big lap for at least a year. One Powerball.........

    Engine/ Driveline
    Bramac brake booster upgrade
    DBA T3 slotted rotors and Bendix 4WD pads
    Custom 1000Nm heavy duty clutch
    Eaton rear electric diff lock
    Strongarm 170ltr long range fuel tank
    TaipanXP oil catch can
    Engine Saver low coolant level alarm
    Minecorp bonnet gas strut kit
    Under bonnet LED strip/ work light
    Extended diff and transmission breathers
    Redarc dual battery system
    Couplertec electric rust resistance system
    NewproTech turbo timer
    Fuel Manager primary fuel filter with 12v water alarm.
    Safari snorkel
    Redback 3" exhaust with resonator option
    ARB under bonnet compressor
    DPU intercooler upgrade

    The three best mods for this section that have transformed the Cruiser into a better tourer have been the brake booster and rotor upgrades for towing, the dual battery system for the fridges and gadgets plus the addition of the primary/ 2nd fuel filter for peace of mind. In saying all that though the note coming from the 3" exhaust is something you can never get enough of!

    Tyres & Suspension
    285/75/R16 Nitto Trail Grappler MT's on 16" Kings Terra Black rims
    Ridepro 50mm suspension lift combined with EFS XTR shocks and steering dampener.
    Boss triple bellows rear airbags

    I opted for the 33" tyres as I think they are the sweet spot for economy and performance with the type of driving I do. They also get the speedo pretty much bang on now too. The Ridepro springs and airbags have been great since day one. I can not fault them and the triple bellows airbag design lets me level out the vehicle when towing but also doesn't restrict articulation when the Cruiser is un-hitched and aired down. I'm now on my second set of shocks after the punishment took their toll on our Gibb River Rd trip and have now opted to try out the EFS XTR's

    ARB Deluxe Bullbar
    Heavy duty recovery points
    VRS 12,500lb synthetic rope winch
    Stedi Type X 8.5"LEspotlightsts
    Stedi 48" 260w LED lightbar
    ARB scrub bars and steps
    TJM flare kit
    Rhino Rack alloy Tradie roof rack with roof-mounted lightbar, sand flag, shovel holder, awning, Maxtrax x4, 10w rear work light and 120W solar panel.
    Reverse camera
    Superior Engineering radiator, diff and transfer guards
    Slimline weather shields, bonnet and headlight protectors
    UHF and phone ariels

    The Rhino Rack is one of my favourites here. They have the system down pat now for a light and highly versatile rack system I can pretty much add anything to. The bar work and the protection it gives goes without saying but we took it a step further by giving the running gear the best protection we could find with the Superior guards and bash plates. The 120W solar panel up top means we have all the power we need to run the two cabin fridges without a doubt when the vehicle is stopped.

    Redarc Solar regulator & monitor
    3500 GME UHF unit
    Cargo barrier
    Custom made centre console with battery monitor and accessory outlets
    Department of Interior fibreglass, large, front door pockets
    Street Guardian dash camera
    LED interior light upgrade
    Powertech 400W inverter
    Dual pillar pod with VDO boost & EGT gauges
    Redarc Tow Pro electric brake system
    Department of Interior overhead centre roof console
    Outback Solutions twin draw kit
    MSA 50l drop down fridge slide
    Toyota dash clock and ambient temp sensor (the most expensive clock in the world)
    Rear door fold down table
    Black Duck canvas seat covers
    Waeco CF 11 centre console fridge
    Sandgrabber front floor mats
    Autostrada cruise control kit
    Scanguage II
    RAM Mount to use iPhone as GPS
    Solar Screen cargo area sunshades

    Without a second thought, the Waeco console fridge mod is the best thing on the entire build. Coupled with the cruise control kit and rear draws with a second larger fridge in the back, it makes those long trips a breeze.

    Future Mods
    Wrap around style awning.

    What I have replaced/ changed
    Fuel tank, trip damaged
    Shocks, trip damaged
    Spotlights and lightbar, trip damaged
    Tyres to a mud terrain style

    Thanks for reading.
    RenderedContent-5908B846-CE7D-4FBD-B6B5-B77DC52F98BC.JPG RenderedContent-2E506A60-41B2-4C41-9DDA-385889323F3F.JPG RenderedContent-19E57941-8030-499E-B306-AFC8C596E322.JPG RenderedContent-FA30E616-B76D-4028-AE2A-EDA017AE36E5.JPG RenderedContent-09EC21A0-8C4C-448C-AA77-5B023137F8FC.JPG RenderedContent-6BEB32D3-324D-4254-BA4F-AF3068ED461F.JPG RenderedContent-8F156B01-C496-4347-BA41-3DBE1CAF1F54.JPG RenderedContent-44531EF1-4AEB-4D82-8B49-083DA760F07A.JPG RenderedContent-82ECB822-9CF9-4F7A-98B9-579CE084FAA7.JPG RenderedContent-5F3950A3-12A4-48F5-A9F0-3C9EC9D0A15E.JPG RenderedContent-64E86C3E-5F79-46D6-A38E-2B9A176065B6.JPG RenderedContent-A10F63CD-CF43-4313-8667-88BB56ED5088.JPG RenderedContent-23A278A0-D197-484F-A677-EFF364D75E5E.JPG RenderedContent-A42317D4-E94A-4EF6-AB67-DFD99394B85D.JPG RenderedContent-714DC035-5836-4D64-A0A9-19EF7E1E4DA9.JPG
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  2. Dueller

    Dueller Member

    A few more pics.......
    IMG_2546.JPG IMG_2545.JPG RenderedContent-6DA77AF8-189F-4EE5-907E-D638B1A1C827.JPG RenderedContent-06ECF95E-6D42-40B3-A41F-5D78502565C7.JPG RenderedContent-83C93D17-A483-4CAE-8A50-55720126ED74.JPG RenderedContent-E7A0FA87-86C5-433E-8F5A-5A317D2E87CD.JPG RenderedContent-BF13FBB4-4491-493F-876F-9A9BFC226061.JPG RenderedContent-9950B917-A62E-4C3A-B500-E79C0B9B083B.JPG RenderedContent-BC864EAA-27F8-4D93-9479-D16D711FDF4A.JPG RenderedContent-A2AEB0F6-5819-4BE7-8617-D76F3C5EF011.JPG RenderedContent-3EAC71D5-CBCF-4780-9F31-98C8617BD78E.JPG
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  3. tennismark

    tennismark Member

    Awesome write up and thanks for all the information.
    I'd like to know how comfy is the the truck on the hwy's? If your pulling long hours on the road? trying to compare what it would be like against a 200 series? I love the set up that you have and that would do me nicely!!!!!
    Thanks and enjoy your beast.
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  4. Gavo

    Gavo 4x4 Earth Contributer

    That's a good read. Sounds like you've done it right.
    Great looking setup!!
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  5. Dueller

    Dueller Member

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the reply. I find driving long hours fine. I've done the trip from Broome to Perth several times and have had no issue with the comfort of the seat and suspension setup. I was a bit iffy when the RidePro suspension was installed as it wasn't as common over here in WA but I'm really happy with it. Coupled with the airbags in the rear it's adjustable when I tow the camper around or have the car loaded up. If compared to a 200 I'd say a 200 would still have it covered in the comfort level hands down purely because you have two trucks with completely different suspension setups out of the box. The IFS/ KDSS on the 200's give a smoother ride. I on the other hand love the solid axle variant so the 76 suits me down to the ground. I have however been in contact with a company over east that do front seat upgrades so you can fit XR8 or HSV retrimmed seats for way less that say a Recaro brand setup that the owners use to do. I guess it comes down to what you like to drive and how much refinement you or your family need/ want.

  6. Dueller

    Dueller Member

    Hi Gavo,
    Cheers for your comments mate. I've really enjoyed building this project as much as driving it.

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  7. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Awesome setup, that thing could take you anywhere in the country with ease, and with the camper tops it iff nicely.
    Very well thought out build, thanks for sharing.
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  8. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    Great setup for your needs mate . Looks very neat :)
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  9. Hotdog

    Hotdog Active Member

    The Waeco CF 11 fridge as a console between the seats looks a good idea. If I wanted the fridge further forward to where the small box is would it cause any problems? I don't have the cruiser yet but the fridge is on a local special so if it fits in place of the original console without any dramas I may pick one up while the going good. On the fridge does it work well enough, I heard from a friend that if the drinks are cold going in it keeps them at that temp but won't chill a warm one.
    Thanks in advance.
  10. Dueller

    Dueller Member

    Hi Hotdog,
    The CDF11 fridge is one of the best mods in the truck. Mine is as far forward as possible without fowling the handbrake. I made a mount in place of the original centre console to set the height I wanted and the fridge fits right in. It's tight but fits. If anything you may need to adjust the seat rail bolt holes to give a bit of breathing space. You will loose leg room in the back middle seat due to the fridge length. The CDF11 is a proper fridge/ freezer so and it can refrigerate half a carton of cans in 20mins. Your mate might be thinking of the chiller/ insulated variety that does not have a compressor. Like I said, it's one of the best mods I have done.

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  11. discomatt

    discomatt Well-Known Member

    That is one awesome touring rig!! Love the build and thought that has gone into it, IF it ever enters your head to sell it give me a call, its almost perfect for what I want for my next tourer and the only major change would be an auto conversion. A phone call in about 12 months would be perfect;)
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  12. Dueller

    Dueller Member

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the comments. I don't think I'll be selling her mate. She will be one of those cars that I'll own for a very long time. She's yet to do the big lap and only a pup with 25000km on the clock. I'll have to enjoy it while I can before we are all in driverless electric cars and no diesel fuel in sight!

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  13. KMM4x4

    KMM4x4 Active Member

    Awesome car! This my favourite car.
  14. Sean Caulfield

    Sean Caulfield Active Member

    Awesome mate! Killer set up its crazy how quickly they all come together. It becomes and addiction for sure. Have you done any ecu upgrades to it? That was the. Eat thing I did to mine hands down. Completely different ute now.
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  15. Dueller

    Dueller Member

    Thanks mate,
    Yeah the ECU has been remapped. I'm going to get another one done to see if I can get more improvement with economy while towing. They are chalk and cheese with the ECU done for sure.
  16. Hotdog

    Hotdog Active Member

    What size is your second battery under the bonnet? A guy from ARB was saying 80 Amp/Hr size was all that would fit or it will punch a hole though the guard with the weight. I have an 120 Amp/hr that I wanted him to use but he said it was too big.
  17. Sean Caulfield

    Sean Caulfield Active Member

    I went for a Unichip Q4 I would definitely recommend using one for your next tune. I can select 5 different maps while I'm driving so I have one that's a towing map which offers low down torque so that I don't have to rev as hard so my fuel economy is better. The other four are high boost, medium boost and stock tune and imobiliser.
    They can also live tune it so my results where massive. I went to 647nm of torque on the towing tune and 158rwkw.
  18. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    What tray are you using ?
    Pretty sure mine is a 120a/h and no problems
  19. Sean Caulfield

    Sean Caulfield Active Member

    I have the arb one and in the instructions it just says n70 size. I think it was rated at 24kg from memory.
  20. Sean Caulfield

    Sean Caulfield Active Member

    Sorry it's rated to 25kg..

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