2014 MUX

Terry JS

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I have a 2014 MUX with 130,000 kls 4 x 2 it's been a great vehicle I bought it second hand ex SA electricity trust with 78k and all services, when I bought it a 3 year warranty was included in the deal covering up to $7500 per claim . It has been serviced every 10k by a local service mechanic registered. A month ago it dropped all the coolant into the engine, the vehicle is in at the Isuzu dealer in Wangara WA where the head has been removed, as of Thursday last week waiting for the head to be returned, hopefully I will have it back next week.
Has anyone else had similar problems or did I get a Monday or Friday car


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Yep exact same with my neighbour 2 months ago. Head gasket went around no 4 piston. Happened tower his van up a very Long hill. Of course isuzu said never heard of it before. Ended up new engine covered as out of warranty claim.


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A 4 cyl engine blowing a head gasket between number 3 and 4 cylinder is not new news for anyone. Some go like clockwork around the same mileage. Some less frequently. The 4 cyl Isuzu diesel is one of the more reliable motors around. Sounds like you were unlucky for it to go that soon. Do you work the vehicle hard towing a big van or boat?