2013 Colorado wont engage 4wd high range


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I have a '13 colorado which as an issue with HR 4wd. I have changed out the switch as there was no active light coming up on the HR, but this hasnt helped (thought i now do get a light).

I can change from 2H to 4H, the lights work, but regardless of the lights it goes into 4L.
I can go into 4L withoua issue aswell.

However, the only way to get out of 4L is to reverse the car and disengage it (i think this seems odd).

Would really love peoples experiences and what the problem may be. I get no error lights etc.


Les PK Ranger

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Not sure is same transfer case and other 4WD doo-dads like actuator etc, but this thread about 4WD engaging problems in the Dmax section may have some similarities.


I had loads of issues with the PK Ranger at one time, needed to change the 4WD module on the transfer case, there is a thread on here with many other similar model owners experiencing the same things, a link in the above thread.

Good luck finding the problem and fixing it, post up when you make some progress so others can learn.


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Thanks for the post. It doe sound similar to those reported in that thread. hopefully not to crazy to work out