2012 NW Platinum Paj - the good/the bad?


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Hey all, I'm off to look at a 2012 NW Platinum Pajero tomorrow. The rig has 70,000 kms on it and according to the dealer is 'in really good nick!'...(to be taken with a grain of salt I say).

Just wondering if anyone can offer some experience in what to look for (specific to the Pajero's). My bro is a mechanic so I grew up learning a thing or two from him but neither of us has ever owned a Pajero.

Cheers legends


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Check service history for completed recalls. Check the battery tray is not broken. Check even tyre wear - might indicate previous owner didn't give a flip about maintenance. I can't think of much else right now. Paj forum might be better assistance


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Hi Doon,
I've had mine for about 18 months now and couldn't be happier :D
Really is a great car on and off road, but like hiluxdriver says, proof of maintenance is the key.
It does look a bit different from the avatar picture now... nothing that $8 can't fix :p

Good luck


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Find somewhere to engage low range, make sure it works. Same for diff lock if it has one. Check underneath the tops of the door seals on whole car (in particular front doors and boot) as there is a well known rust issue on some cars. Check the front intercooler bash plate, they are super thin and easy as piss to bend, if it's bent, have a look behind it and see if it's made contact with the intercooler (they literally mount only 10mm from the bash plate). I think that model should have had at least 4(?) recalls done on it by now, but best bet would be to confirm that on the pajero forum. Have a close look at the rear diff mounting bushes as they get flogged out from people taking off in a hurry from standstill (typical traffic light drag-racing launch etc). They're not particular cheap to replace due to the labour involved.

I love my pajero. I accidentally drowned the first one i had so i bought another one exactly the same ;) hope it turned out to be a good thing.


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Thanks for the advice hiluxdriver, letsgoplaces & underdog. It turned out being a nice looking rig, had been serviced (basic oil & filter only) and cleaned up nicely. However I noticed a pretty serious scrubbing/rubbing noise on the test drive. Stopped and had a closer look at the tyres and found the rear RH one was worn on the inside to the point that it was bald! (fairly annoyed that I missed this on the first look). I (and the other half) do the the paj's but don't think we'll be buying this one - not sure if it's worn bushes or if the shockers are knackered or something else?! But it proved to me that this particular dealer is not as trustworthy as they claim to be.

Franky D

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hi to all paj owners, just wondering if someone could tell me what the nw paj is like off road, and is it a good or bad car overall (are maintenance cost high?). ps - looking at diesel auto


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hi to all paj owners, just wondering if someone could tell me what the nw paj is like off road, and is it a good or bad car overall (are maintenance cost high?). ps - looking at diesel auto
Hi Franky,
Jump onto the Pajero forum, pajeroclub.com.au, and have a good read there


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hi to all paj owners, just wondering if someone could tell me what the nw paj is like off road, and is it a good or bad car overall (are maintenance cost high?). ps - looking at diesel auto
I have a 2011 NT, Diesel Auto which has been very reliable vehicle over the 3 @ 1/2 years I have had it...the other half likes driving the Paj, for she says with the auto, its nearly like driving a sedan.
She likes the forward and side vision from the drivers seat, so that helped with my selection...phew....
This engine and drive train have been around for about 10+ years with upgrades, so many(reputable) 4wd mechanics have a good handle on them and spare parts are plenty.
The auto with the Supa Select 4wd system is quite easy to use...and there can be a few little tricks whilst engaging and disengaging the 4LLc, but the Vic Pajero Owners Forum will put you straight.
The Paj has 4 coil independant suspension system, so its habits on and off road are quite good...it really shines off road and is truely a very underrated medium 4wd.
Ground clearance in stock condition is good and surprising, for I have driven into areas around East Arnhem that "Big Coiled" 4wds have hammered into and with a minimum of fuss.
Fuel economy for the diesel is quite good in basic road trim, about 7.5 ltrs per 100km on sealed roads on many occasions.
I did a fuel economy run on the Pacific Freeway from Ballina to the Gold Coast @ 80kph a couple of years ago, the Paj was in compete stock mode..6.5Ltrs per 100Km.
On one trip I did, 3500km, East Coast NSW, Birdsville, Central & West QLD and back to NSW East Coast, pulling a 1000kg camper with gear in the back..over about 60% offroad, the averaged 8.5ltrs per 100km... for the whole trip.
I did a one week 7000km round trip from Brisbane to Darwin in the Paj 2 weeks after I bought it. I did not have a mechanical check up prior to the start of the rushed trip, just a oil/fuel filter change in Darwin, hit the road and then back to Brisbane...
I used a smart phone fuel conversion app...for the whole trip...7.2ltrs per 100km..
So its a very good tourer, comfortable with a good amount of power for overtaking and good fuel economy...just that Brisbane Darwin trip alone convinced me that my secondhand purchase had been a good one.
One good trick the Paj has, is the rear bench seat compartment...you can pull this seat out and you have a great little compartment to store most of your 4wd recovery gear / dual battery system / spares etc in.
Maintenance costs are comparable with other medium 4wd's..Mitsubishi dealer prices can be quite expensive, but you can find your own reputable 4wd mechanic and they should have no real trouble with the Pajero.
I use an overseas based international Spare Parts broker called partsouq.com to get my original Mitsubishi spare parts..the prices are cheaper than here in many respects and FedEx'd to my front door within 14 days. Plus on their web site, when you put in your vehicles VIN, the web site will pull up the whole schematics of your particular vehicle in fine detail with the proper manufacturer's original part code ...very cool..
There has been a couple of recalls of the later model Pajero's, check with the Vic Pajero Owners Forum website for updates.
A friend of mine came back from Middle East, contractor with the ADF, he mentioned that many of medium 4wds the ADF and contractors are using are GLS and Exceed Pajero's.
I noticed during my West outback travels into NSW, many of the local NSW police medium 4wds were Pajero's.
You will see plenty of Grey Pensioner Nomads driving various model Paj's towing caravans..so there must be something there, for the pensioner knows how to save a quid or too.
Don't get me wrong, the Paj has some squeaks and niggles and they are not perfect, but for the price you pay on the 4wd 2nd's market / Auctions, compared to the Toyota's and for the Paj's capabilities as a competent 4wd...Pajero's are a very underrated medium 4wd.
In some of the offroad communities.. they laugh..for they disbelievingly think the Paj is a soft 4wd because of the Independant coil suspension, auto and its' wheel travel...
They believe its' a "Sooks" 4wd...school pickup and such...
I like being cast as the underdog...
Even up here in East Arnhem...I get the sideways look...why it's not a Toyota or Nissan...but I smile, as I get to these very same 4wd places, these Nissan and Toyota blokes can get too in the dry and the wet...and my Paj is stock, with some basic A/T tyres.
I got my Paj from the Mannheim Auctions, it was an ex-Hertz Pajero GLX rental, 70k on the clock, got the mechanic to check it out and purchased it for about 24k..a Prado with similar k's would have been in the low to mid 30's.
So far for me...it's been a win..
Good luck.
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