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thanks too everyone who fun putting this together and those who made it down over the long weekend .
Nice to put names to avavtars and I am sure we will be seeing more of each other on subsequent trips .
Probaly needs a nomination for the next middle earth next year so I suppose if you would like to nominate somewhere put it forward .
thanks everyone we had a great time once again .


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Well what a great weekend!!!

Firstly I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone that helped organise and run the trips there is no need to go and name everyone, you guys know who you are, thanks for sharing your knowledge of the area.

Secondly I would like to thank everyone for the social side, the campfire conversations were as funny as ever and as per usual we solved the worlds problems and still had time to keep drinking afterwards aswell, the UN could learn from us.... :)

if everyone could post their photos in this one thread it will make it easier to see them all so go ahead and start posting!!!


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Thanks to everyone for a great weekend. Special thanks to Billby for leading the 'touring' group on saturday (local knowledge was exceptional) & Yobboford for helping me out.
Was quite surprised how well the stock Navara went. Put a slight bend in the rear TJM bar and will definately need to replace the side steps. Quite a bit of pin striping aswell.
Thanks to the organisors for thier work putting the weekend together.
Topped off by a sensational roast dinner on sunday night with an interesting desert.

Cheers, Guy.


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Our 1st 4x4earth trip

:D:)At Last 'C' day has arrived.

I arrived at Coolendel at about 1030 on Friday. Proceeded to set up camp. Introductions started and continued all the time everyone being very friendly and welcoming and asking "Is all of this just for you?" Short answer "No, have to go in to pickup the rest later."

The wind started to get quite gusty but still no rain.:(

The rain arrived Friday night in time for dinner:(:( though light it didn't dampen the enthusiasm for the weekend.:)

Saturday dawned bright but a little windy. Bush alarm waking most about 0630 (a long wait for 0900 trips). :D:D:):):)

With the eventual arrival of Billby, Brad and Vegetoast, Jon and a few other day trippers the days outings were soon sorted and underway.
We decided to go on Billby's "touring" trip.

Sorry if I forget people's names.:confused:

:DOff we went with Yoboford as tail. 8 cars in our tour. Turn right into Old Burrier Fire Trail. Pretty easy in 2wd as brad said we will stop at the top for those who hadn't let down their tyres. A bit of explaining about the day from Brad while Rob and Jon set up their cameras.

Continued along the track to Yawal Rd. then onto Dean's Gap, stopping at a lookout where we almost became human kites. Back in the cars and on to Tianjara Falls.

On toward Ben Boyd L/O after going along for a bit we came across a largish puddle, Brad made it halfway. Forgot to lock in hubs(he told me when we first stopped we wouldn't need to do that). LOL. ;);)
Continuing on through some more puddles and down a drop a bit more low range stuff we stopped an the top of a hill for some consultation as the track got a bit rough we had to turn around and take another route ( we had a new stock Navara with us). Mind you we had already been in low range and having to do a recovery.

The Navara handled everything above everyones expectation.

After lunch just down from the l/o and Jon getting out the 'flying camera' we headed for a surprise Brad had promised us. Cassia Fire Trail. What a beautiful piece of our country.:D:):D

The end our day's driving but not our day by a looooooooong shot. ;);)

0415 - 0430 for some.

Sunday, another beautiful morning but not for quite a few, :rolleyes: lots of sore heads and tired eyes. The waiting, waiting getting very restless wanting to get out again.:(

Being anxious to get going Brad and Sandra arrived and we decided to go with them again. we went to Yawal for a look see, got told off for asking a mother to get her son to pick up the rubbish he threw into the bush. She asked if I was a cop or something. with a few expletives etc.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

On our way out Y spotted a goanna and wanted to show Miranda,:D:)
:mad::mad: We also took the chance to put out a fire that had been left unattended and pick up some rubbish.:mad::mad:

After this the ladies took over the driving and we headed for a section of the powerlines within the first couple of minutes Sandra slipped into some wheel ruts she was trying to avoid. When only being moved forward a little Brad decided he could get out. hahaha.
Eventually being winched out by the nissans, one as an anchor, we continued on, soon coming to a spot where we had to detour into the bush then back onto the powerlines.
Brad took us to Wombat flat camp ground and the end of monkeygum. we met up with another group of earthers where a major recovery was under way. We hung around to watch and then we heard a bang. We investigated and sure enough Scott's Jeep was broken and needed serious help!!!!

Scott we hope its the lesser of two evils.

The end of another day.:(:(

Monday morning arrived all too soon:(:eek::( Time to pack and head home.

Thanks to all the organisers and trip leaders especially Billby.

A great, fantastic weekend. A friendly, helpful and knowledgable group of people.

We are looking forward to the next time we meet.

Until then be safe and keep it right side up

Martin and Yvette


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good report Martin, glad you enjoyed it.

couple of pics, still sorting them all so just 2 to kick it off:

The yobbomobile worked a lot better in 4wd than 2wd getting thru this hole, lol.

A quick lesson in marshmallow tosting from Bugsy had everyone enlightened...

teza h

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Home safe this avo,,,TOP weekend,as allways with the Earth crew,, pretty rooted now,too much piss,,,big laugh's,,off to bed now.


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luck and a lot of cropping, Luke, my co-pilot for the weekend, just hit the button and let it take 27 photos of going through the hole, then I cropped it and lightened the detail at the front a bit, the joys of digital, just delete the rejects, lol.

1 red gu

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Good day all
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that turned up for making this a great weekend :D

Satarday brought a fun run up monkey gum ft with some old and new faces and everyone got through with out any problems then we moved on to the power lines were dazz got hung up on some rocks under his front diff

Teza was the only one needing a winch in our group on sunday and dazza was lucky to escape with out panel damage to his drivers door we stopped for lunch at a nice little river and the day was getting on so we headed back to camp to find out the score on the footy

My self and family had a great time on the trails and around camp with you all and look forward to the next one

Nice pics Tara ill try get my ones up tomorrow after work



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Some good people on this trip and some good pics you got there Tara, well done. more wknd action pics to folow i hope. I didnt get any, was either driving or replenishing. Lol.


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What a Great Weekend AS USUAL (Thanks Scottie for all your work - Credit to Gordon as well) - The weather was perfect, except for the RAIN on Friday night & a COUPLE OF GALES.:D

I like the driving but I REALLY like the Friendship of all you Guys & Girls.

Here's a few of my photo's - Unfortunately the quick photo's of the Three "Umbilical Brothers" tow recovery are a bit blurry.






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Thanks to everyone who attended for another great weekend me and the family had an absolute ball cant wait to do it all again.cheers bugsy/kris

How did you go with your hand clough ?

teza h

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Nice Pics there Bill :) Well we were the last to leave the camp ground,,,,that is accept for one lonely little Jeep,looking very forlorn.


Help! Help! Where's The Jambo.


One of Daz geting very close to a door jamer.I thought that I'd play it safe n winch through there ;):D


And one of the 1 RED GU famerly n frends.


Thanks Scotty and all who put in for the weekend :):) great stuff.
Cheers Teza.
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