2010 Walhalla mine trip - report


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Hi all

A great trip attended by:
Rudi and Mal
Davidman, Brooke and Leith
Sschmez, Annette and Nicholas
Deepop and Luke
Nickj and Greg
Bear, Bob and Trevor
Vitara94 and Tanya (from NSW)

All except Bears mob, we stayed Friday night at Edwards Hill camping area. A great little spot just off the east end of Donnolleys Creek Tk. There was a great fire booming by the time Greg and I got there so we did the intros, set up the tent and had some dinner and a few beers.

Edwards Hill camping area

A lone grave close by the camping area
In the morning, we headed out to Edwards Reef cemetary to view some old grave sites, the only marked one - that of Christine Shaw. From here, we headed to Store Point and Rudi gave us a great rundown of the area and showed some photos from some of his books of how it used to be.

This proceeded a good walk up to a grave site with 1 marked grave.
Following this, we headed past a populated Army Track hut and on to O'Tooles Flat for lunch. From here we headed off to Toombon Chimney and replica hotel. Rudi showed us around the place and gave us a good insight of days gone by. On the way back, we stopped at Toombon cemetary where I gave a brief account of the place, while showing the great steps that some of us 4x4Earth members had built.
Saturday evening saw us retreat to Rudi's mine lease on Walhalla Rd. We did a bit of bush maintenance as can be seen here with Davidman using something a little better than butter knife to cut through a tree crossing the track. This large tree was then repositioned 100m down the track by the mighty Pathfinder. A large fire was built and some great comparisons of all types of Aldi purchases were discussed.

David using his petrol powered butter knife

Steve first thing Sunday morning
Sunday we set off for a short trip up Walhalla rd in preparation for a big walk down the hill to some mines. We went in some of them for a look around.

Luke finishing dinner

Leith's ready

John too

Sschmez family ready to enter the mines too

One of the mines we visited
We headed back after a huge walk to pack up and have a late lunch before setting off home. Nickj led most of the crew down Beardmore's Tk to find the river a little swollen and flowing. As GS pointed out, gippsland Water had opened the gates a little... Causing a 500mm increase in water depth. This made for a great ending to the weekend as all made the trek across the Thompson River.



Bear and co

Thanks to John and Tanya for making the trip down from NSW and also to Rudi and mal for hosting the weekend. Also to everyone else for some new and refreshed friendships.

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Well, I can add some photo's at least.


The youngest members of our trip - Deepop's Luke and Sschmez's Nick (little Nick as opposed to big Nick). Big Nick (Nickj) thought Annette was going to keep cooking his meals every time - at least that's what he claimed whenever Annette called 'Nick' for dinner and he turned up with plate in hand.

The next photo's are all members leaving the first cemetary site (Except Davidman who'd moved out of the way so the others could get out - and me of course, I actually took some photo's so I had to prove it by putting them on here)


Nickj and Greg


Sschmez and co.


Bear and co. (Nick's mates)


John and Tanya (Vitara94)


Rudi and Mal


The last mine we checked out - walking towards the flooded section.


The flooded section


Rusty looking stalactites forming from iron ore in Quartz veins in rock.


Signature at end of tunnel - something like 'EJ Anderson' and then 1908 underneath.
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