2010 Victorian Meeting (O'Tooles or wherever)


For those interested it is time to hand over the Reins to someone interested in organizing this or something else, we will hopefully talk about it a Jok's big day out.

Those interested in being part of the organizing committee please put your names here in case the talks cant go ahead and we need to set another time.

We will then know who's interested in being a part of this committee.



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I will always help out , but don't let me ever organize anything because I would end up choking the living BeeJeezus out of someone .

I don't have Joks people's skills !

One comment that I would make is that let"s not call it the O'Tooles meeting as that would suggest it will be O'Tooles definitely, let"s make it the Victorian Gathering meeting

We can also also have seperately EAGLEVALE 2010 hosted by the Gippsland/Latrobe valley crew .

Grey Ghost

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I'd be interested in helping out in some way with the 2010 Vic Gathering and I assume there will be some disscussion had at Jok's party on sunday so I'll see what happens then I suppose.


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I've already said i would help out. I think if we do it like this (have a few organisers) it will make it easier on everyone.


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Can't make Joks day because of family biz, but happy to help out if wanted.
I'm not real good at any one thing,but ok at most.


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Put my name down Grumpy, only too happy to help out. See you all Sunday at Picnic Point