2010 Pathfinder


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Just realised i don't have a thread on here describing the car.
Nissan Pathfinder ST-L 2010 (One of the first of the series 4 140KW version)
Good Points

  • 4WD ability, only times it gets stuck is driver error :)
  • Bit different, it is not a cruiser or a patrol
  • Low fuel economy
  • Comfortable on long haul
  • Loads of storage space
  • Pricing
  • Drives like a car
  • Plenty of Power
  • Hasn't really cost me anything in maintenance
  • Fuel economy (averaging 10.5/100km even with all the mods and it doesn't really increase when loaded or offroad)

What mods have you done?
  1. Front Runner platform Rack (2m x 1.4m)
  2. Opposite Lock full steel winch bar
  3. 2" lift Toughdog suspension with 9 stage adjustables in the rear
  4. Dual battery system with cut outs and Lithium 60AH second battery
  5. Custom made drawers with fridge slide and LED lights
  6. Kalahari 2.5x2m awning with flynet room
  7. Forerunner solid hot pipe
  8. Goodyear ATS AT tyres (265/75 r16)
  9. LED strip lighting under awning
  10. Various 12v sockets including cigarette, merit and USB for charging
  11. Icom 410 Pro UHF with RFI antennas
  12. Air on Board breather kit
  13. Ebay snorkel
  14. Roadsafe front recovery points
  15. Roadsafe bash plates (Radiator, sump and transmission)
  16. SCF steel sliders with checkerplate
  17. LED interior lighting
Bad Points
People write it off before they start, not a great choice in accessories, not much wheel travel means it likes to cock a leg occassionally.

What mods are on the list to do?
Nothing really, winch would be nice other than the weight, MIcks HID headlight upgrade would be welcomed other than the cost, lockers maybe but i have yet to find a situation where they would have helped!

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Honest answer ... it was raining.
We had a 2.8 patrol with no compression. Test drove all the brand name 7 seaters at the time, Prado (felt underpowered and very vague steering), Pajero (Great to drive but cheap interior), went to look at the Patrol to replace like for like, it was chucking it down with rain so i had a coffee while we waited and the wife was sat in a car in the showroom as you do and commented it was nice to sit in, turned out to be the Pathfinder....had never heard of it, but a test drive sealed it, ended up taking the demo car from the yard. Picked it up on the Thursday and on the Saturday took it up to Saunders Gorge (Now Eagles Nest 4x4 park) to be amazed at what it could do.

How often do you go offroad?
Big trip once a year, try and get away for a week every quarter with the odd weekend thrown in the meantime

What will your next vehicle be?
As a family tourer i can't see a replacement, There is nothing to compare it with for value for money and the wonder is why Nissan stopped making it just as everyone else started to. If money was no object would love to recondition an 80 series, or take a 78 series and replace everything Toyota should have to turn it into a proper car ;)

Day we bought it
pathfinder_1010 (5).JPG

Bullbar and Lift
Using it properly
IMG_6217.JPG lake_torrens.jpg Brindies.JPG


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Living within the GVM until the upgrade... :)
How many K's on the clock and any issues with the Pathfinder mechanically?
Looks like a nice compact package...


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146000km as I look at it now, just got 11.1/100 km at gvm across from canberra to Adelaide and then up and down the freeway in Adelaide... 1600km on a track is nice with half a tank spare.

Just had a major check and overhaul on it in preparation for next year's Simpson trips.

So over 10 years abuse and only the standard services they found
3 cv boots torn
1 buckled sway bar mount
Front and rear diff bushes
A split in the rear lower control arm where it has hit a rock and bent the flange/seam
And a couple of issues where bolts haven't been tightened to spec (one front hub and one lower suspension bush) which have flogged out the holes a little.

That was it... No mechanical gremlins to date, still runs like a beaut vehicle and she doesn't exactly do the supermarket run only


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Sounds good and looks good in the online story.
Have similar experience an no major issues with ours.
1600k on standard tank of 80L with half a tank left over??
Impressive shallow drinking.
Or did I miss you listing a LR tank?
My MY2011 is at 178,000 with lots of highway running between Perth and Geraldton since new with all standard.
No offroad apart from gravel roads at lower speeds.
Quite a bit of trailer towing with varying loads.
Have replaced EGR, rear brake rotors and always serviced with Nissan.
The rest is standard until the old Landcruiser is moved on and the Pathfinder takes on more adventures.
Enjoy your next adventure... :)