2010 MN Triton front end issue


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Help am looking for advice. Had my triton lifted 2inch Front and Rear shocks and springs some time ago and now had a clunking noise in the front end, not all the time tough. Have had it back to the shop for a follow up and they say that they can't find any problem. Noise is still there.
I live in the Newcastle area and getting very frustated with it... Should I have included something eles when I had it raised?

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Did they take it for a run to try and replicate the noise ?
Does it make the clunk at a particular time, like turning and hitting a bump, etc, or is it just happening very occasionally and you can't 'make' it happen ?

2" lifts are usually ok with everything in the kit supplied, if keep within parameters.
If this work has been done on a moderate KM vehicle, say 50 - 75k on the clonk, it maybe a worn CV or other suspension / steering component is making a noise under certain conditions, very hard to track down sometimes.


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The nosie is hard to replicate when needed. The vehicle has 120k on it and had the lift done around 65k and a set of shocks replaced about 3 weeks ago. It did have a noise in the front end prior to the old shocks letting go, noise disappeared and now with the new ones the noise has returned. I think that everything back to where it was previously is loading it up somewhere. The 4x4 crew who replaced the shocks weren't real keen on steering issues. I think it will be off to another business to assist in this problem


Did you have a diff drop kit fitted ?
My bro in law rasied his colerado 2" and had a strange clunk develop straight after it was raised, had the drop kit fitted and the clunk disappeared.
Not sure what the initial clunk was caused by but the drop kit fixed it, maybe something to consider ?

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Maybe the shocks are wrong length, and bottoming out, or topping out ?
Has the noise only been there again immediately after those were fitted ?
If so, it is probably where to look first, a good start would be check if all shock mounts are done up properly to correct tension.

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Hi mate
Can you advise if this noise happens in the following situations so i can attempt to help.
I had a pretty off its head one myself.

A: in 4wd or 2wd
B: high speeds cruising or low speeds over speed humps or bumps, or when turning
I would start with checking out if any of the bushes are flogged on the shocks.

Your other thing to check is the tightness of the bolts on the shock and also more importantly in your lower and uppper control arms.

Lets start with that first and see how you go


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Georgie Kyro has the right idea.
Most clunka tend to come from loose bolts of some kind. So I'd be checking:
- swaybar link bolts/bushes
- upper/lower control arm bolts/bushes
- upper/lower strut bolts/bushes
- coil positioning on strut (and any marks indicating wear/contact of some kind)

Being able to recreate the noise on demand is a huge help when trying to find the source of a noise/problem, so if you can do that it will help you showcase the issue to whatever workshop you take it to.


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Sorry for not getting back to you.
GLXR duel cab 4x4 Diesel
Have had all the steering and suspension rechecked and nothing loose. The crazy thing is that the noise didn't happen on that particular day, It's like going to the dentist and just before you go in, it feels better.
OK If I leave the car sit for a day or so then go to back out, the drive way gradient it up hill. As soon as it starts up the drive way that is where it first starts. Also in forward motion for a while. If I have the boat on the back and go around a round about there is some serious clunking going on.

Barra GU

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Good to hear you've checked the suspension, I'm assuming by your response you're meaning all the bolts are tight?

Did you perhaps know the condition of all the bushes in the suspension and upper and lower arms?
Even though the bolts may be tight if the bushes are flogged can generally cause this..
I'm assuming it in 2wd when you're also noticing so at the moment im ruling out diff or cv related and sticking to bushes

Let us know how you go


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Quick one do you need special tools for this job. To do a bushing change over. Also what brand would you recommend

Barra GU

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Just dependant on what suspension you're using, they may have different eyelet bushes depending on what brand suspension you have (not sure)
As for upper and lower arms just go factory


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Sorry about bringing up an old topic but I had this problem this week with my 2015 MN Triton.
For no reason the right side front end just started clunking, and for the life of me I could not find the issue, everything was tight and still in good condition.
So I pulled the front end down on the right side & I found what was causing the loud clunk in my front end. It was the Right lower control arm Camber bolt, the rear one.
Although the nut was tight as it could be, it had reached the the length of its travel on the bolt, so even though the nut was tight the bolt through the bush was still loose, which means that the control arm was still loose also.

These bolts also have two machined flat surfaces for the offset camber adjustment spacer to slide up & down and lock in place. But on mine the machined areas did not go down the bolt far enough. So, when the spacer & the nut reaches the thicker part of the bolt they won't tighten any further. You think everything is tight because the nut is super tight, but in reality the bush mounting is still loose

So all I did to fix it was to put the bolt in the vice and extended both of the machined flat sections about 3mm with a file & put a wide spring washer under the nut with medium strength loctite and then re-tensioned it to specifications and this time it actually did tighten the bush up & the clunking noise has completely gone.
I think that this is a build fault because these camber bolts do not have enough thread on them and the machined flats are not long enough. Hope this can sort it out for someone else as well.
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Hi, sorry, digging up an old post again…
Stinker, how did your repair go? Last long? Was that the problem?
Chasing a clunk too, wife’s ML has had a clunk for years, can’t locate it, and never gets picked up on registration inspectors…
Went for a 4x4 yesterday, now it’s quite obvious!
Used to be a random clunk when driving it in the rain, but was prolific yesterday. Not related to being in 4WD. Car has 280k on it..
Only obvious wear is in lower inner control bushes. But can’t fault any parts with a large screw driver. Photo added..


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Help am looking for advice. Had my triton lifted 2inch Front and Rear shocks and springs some time ago and now had a clunking noise in the front end, not all the time tough. Have had it back to the shop for a follow up and they say that they can't find any problem. Noise is still there.
I live in the Newcastle area and getting very frustated with it... Should I have included something eles when I had it raised?
I had a triton a ‘few’ years ago, and once when out and about had a weird banging noise from ‘somewhere near the front’ of the vehicle.
We stopped and checked everything, including kicking the hot exhaust to see if that had come loose and was knocking on something.
We couldn’t identify where exactly or what the cause was.
Had the fortune of being able to use a floor jack and lift the front-end totally off the ground.
Took a while, then finally in frustration, grabbed the top and bottom of the front right wheel and ‘shook’ it. Did the same thing side to side.
IDENTIFIED the problem.
The two bolts holding the right front end to the chassis had vibrated lose.
Tightened them up using a battery rattle-gun (also fortunately nearby), and went out again.
The ‘noise’ rattle repeated again.
But this time we knew what to look for.
Re-tightened the two bolts again, using higher pressure and without an extension-bar.
It was ok.
When I returned to ‘town’, I spoke with a mechanic. This mechanic stated that only two weeks previously he had come across the identical thing on the identical year model, only worse. As the two retaining bolts had become completely removed from where they should have been and somehow miraculously were now on top of the chassis rail they should have been through.
The mechanic had NEVER seen nor heard of it happening before these two events.
He only had around fifty years experience as a mechanic, so that could have been why he had never heard or seen it before.
Obviously after that experience,
Check ALL AND EVERY bolt you can reach before going out for a trip.
Including EVERY chassis bolt and nut you can find and reach.