2010 Annual meet-up

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They are good links wombat.

GG it's no accident the holidays worked out for you guys and also the qlders - we planned it that way. The NSW guys didn't have far to travel so it wasn't as important to them.



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How about we make the O'Tooles trip our annual national trip. Seems to be more coming to that anyway.....:D:rolleyes:;)


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There are some lakes/be it prob dry/ up that way south of Broken Hill on the NSW side isn't there. The name eludes me at present. Read something in 4X4Action I think.


What about Innaminka? Cullyamurra Waterhole.

Fairly central for most states with reasonable weather that time of the year. Doesn't matter where you go it will be a long haul for WA members.

Just my two bobs worth.


Where it's organised for a 2010 meet doesn't really matter to me, I'll go pretty much anywhere with this notice.


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I do have budget restraints getting married in March and house asap! I will need notice like this to start hiding cash from handbrake! wherever we go it must have wheeling!

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mindee lakes i think but don't hold me to

You may be right - another name that comes to mind is Coogie Lakes (not sure on spelling) but I do like the idea of Innaminka is good - I've never been there but Wooky worked at Moomba for a while so he has.
I suppose if we get any WA takers then we could organize a more central spot to help accommodate them/and anyone else who may have to travel a few days to join in.


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The Innaminkah destination sounds pretty good as there is a bit to see apart from WA and those across the top, it would be a good three day hard slog to get there, SA would come in by Walkers Crossing , Southern QLD VIC and NSW mainly would come via Tibooburra , Northern QLD through Cordillo Downs.

Coongie lakes would be a great spot , has a camping area, depends really on numbers, I dont think the area lends itself to great numbers being there all at one time, I would seem to think it would be a day out and stay overnight and back the next day from Innaminka .

To me unless you are seasoned traveller in these parts, travelling in these parts with a handbrake and kids is going to be a forgettable experience for them .

I would certainly start thinking in terms of a destination that is ease of travelling to for famillies and not something that is Geographically central . I would recommend something in the North East Victoria South Eastern NSW would be something more appropiate , I once suggested Tom Groggin, Davies High Plains area, not because it is relative close to Victoria and NSW but because even from Adelaide or Brisbane is a comfortable 2 day trip even for old farts and there is plenty of High country to see .

I know I will get yelled down in flames but just for a moment consider who we are going to try and attract to what we enjoy .

My two bobs worth .



Grey Ghost. I reckon if you put a poll out there first with a list of areas mentioned in these posts, we'll have a better understanding of the numbers of people who would attend the various areas and then a decision could be made based on the area with the biggest numbers of votes. I understand you can't please everyone all of the time but - this way, I believe, is going to be the fairest way to do it. There is plenty of notice given for everyone to decide if they can make it or not and we'll all pretty much be in the same boat then. Only problem with this kind of democracy is that the majority of the votes will be comming from the eastern states.

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Any more suggestions people? I'll give it a bit longer before I put up any kind of poll. I think Simmo's right though, the likes of Innaminka etc may be a bit too far out of the way for some with young families, I reckon it may be pushing it for my tribe and I know that after this year I won't be allowed to leave them at home coz apparently they enjoyed it too. But lets just see what the majority want.