2009 O'Tooles Flat Gathering

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Ekki Adventurers

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Talked to Hassey today,
He's keen for O'Tooles but not sure with Katie, got a feeling her kids have birthdays in there somewhere, but you could see the look in his eye. He's keen.
Also he'll be online soon so better keep an eye open for him.
Now that could be interesting.


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Hey guys,

Put me down as tentative for now... need to see if i can re arrange my A/L to get the weekend off. If i'm able to go there would be myself, the handbrake +4


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ok, family is a definate ...so thats jimbob, wife +2. Setting off still to be decided.
cheers :)


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Nickj and family (3 or 4 total) are in this time around too.

Happy to host a trip or 2 too. Deep Creek Tks this time.



Welcome Nick I'll put u on the list, we haven't got to the formalities yet but will put it in the memory bank Thanx.


If that's what people want, after all it's everyone's show so tell us what u want and we will see what we can do to accommodate.


Just worked out that it is my weekend off that weekend... so I will try to convince the handbreak to take a few days off and go camping with you lot... either way, I will be coming up - day trip or camping...
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