2009 D22 Navara Dual Cab ST-R 2.5 CR.

2009 D22 NissanNavara Dual Cab ST-R 2.5 CR TDI.

Good Points
Fuel economy is acceptable.
Tows 2.8T with relative ease.
Tray and Roll Over Protection are great for storage.
Stratos Suspension seat takes the bumps out of the ride.
Whole car is almost set up perfectly to suit me.
Winch is handy.
Bar work has saved me a few times.

Bad Points
Suspension needs replacing.
Fuel tank is tiny (75L)
Stock seats are terrible .
Aftermarket support is lacking.
Revs pretty high at 110kmh.

What mods have you done?
12000lb dyneema rope Domin8tr winch.
Steel sidestep and scrub bar combo.
Roll over protection system.
Steel tray.
40Ch GME TX4400 radio.
80Ch GME TX3200 radio.
Storage shelf behind rear seat.
Stratos Suspension seat for drivers seat.
Roof console.
Steel rims with -12 offset.
Battery voltage displays for both batteries.

What mods are on the list to do?
2 inch lift via new leaf springs and shocks.
400L fuel capacity.
Dual battery isolation system.
Rear step.
Comprehensive gauge setup.
Isolation switch.
External jump starting points.
Internal roll over protection system.
Bash plates for the underneath.
Cruise control.

Why did you buy this vehicle?
I'm starting my own business as a Pilot. I needed a vehicle that would be reliable and good on fuel.

How often do you go offroad?

Twice a week at least.

What will your next vehicle be?

Landcruiser workmate single cab.


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hi twinklz ; its a funny thing how two people find the same thing differently / i have the same vehicle although 2010 / it is primarily a work truck which it does absolutely fantastically ; even though every thing has been repaired at one stage of its short life i have no qualms with the seats / find the suspension brilliant although it has been modified to carry a tonne with more springs etc / i find the fuel consumption fantastic / and aftermarket parts readily available and primarily comparably well priced although some bits can be expensive but generally fairly good / i would not recommend these vehicles to anybody but it was a price thing when i bought it so beggars cant be choosers / and the memories this vehicle has given me have been monumental ; this vehicle has done cape york , creb track , falls track , 5 beaches , blue rag and billy goats and spent four years in the outback maintaining power grids ; its gutless but as loyal as my dog ............ mmmm where has he gone now ?
It's interesting.

I wouldn't recommend a Navara to anyone, I find them spartan and lacking.

However I love the economy and reliability of a 7 year old ute vs my old AU Falcon.


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funny you should say that ; when i had my last navara a d21 i also had a falcon - i had a million klms between the two with the navara totalling 700 thousand - the nissan was by far the superior vehicle but the falcon was smooth and nice to drive but ultimately a bad quality vehicle and that is why i wouldnt look at a ford in any conditions although they look the goods and parts were cheap
I prefer my Navara because diesel is more available in the areas I travel too. I also prefer it due to the 4x4 and torque curve.

I currently have 180000kms on my Navara, I should have 230000 by December.


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Is it legal to have a 400L fuel tank? I think i read somewhere that you can only carry 250L of fuel at a time? I can't find it now, so i could be mistaken.
It will be a tank in the tray plumbed into the filler neck for the 125L main tank (I just have the 75L tank at the moment but will be upgrading.) And will remove it when it is not needed.

My research (10 mins on google) seems to tell me that if it's not a permanent fixture, it's legal? I could be wrong though?


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I prefer my Navara because diesel is more available in the areas I travel too. I also prefer it due to the 4x4 and torque curve.

I currently have 180000kms on my Navara, I should have 230000 by December.
my navara has 255000 and should have 290000 come christmas and it probably would have carried 50 tonnes of building materials around the country. so i dont care about spartan and thats what makes it so good for a work truck and i encourage it instead ; i would much prefer checker plate door linings etc
I don't mind the lack of accessories. I just get a bit frustrated at the lack of comfortable seats from factory and the small cab space in general.
I'll be installing the "OVERSIZE LOAD AHEAD" &"PILOT VEHICLE" signs soon, along with another uhf (GME TX4400) and tidying up some wiring.

No rest for the wicked.


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yeh , good - happy i put it on - gives me peace of mind / if you look at the turon video by ian , you will see my vehicle stuck in a big hole - plenty pressure on the front steering arms etc


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replaced the door hinges - fantastic -- and the two hoses going to the oil cooler - just a warning to other d22 owners --if you are not aware of these two hoses you better check them out - they are hidden directly below the oil filter so any oil run off goes on to them and after 262k plus klms they will turn to jelly