2008 KUN26R Hilux Glow Plugs not Firing


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Hi there, I am new to this group but I am seeking some advice on a recent electrical issue I’ve had with my Hilux.
Currently my ute does not want to start and the glow plug symbol on the dash has disappeared. The motor is able to crank over well but will not reach ignition. Here’s what I have found so far:

- Glow plug 80A fuse in fuseable link box is not blown.
-Glow plug relay is in working order and functions fine.
- Never had any issues with glow plugs previously in terms of slow starting, rough idle when cold, or smoke upon startup. Starts first turn of the key with no issues regardless of temperature. Leads me to believe the condition of glow plugs should be okay?
- Power is reaching the relay plug/housing.

What I hope to get more information and help on:
- Does the glow plug relay coil get 12v from the ECU?
- If one glow plug is faulty, does the ECU not allow the relay contact to close?
- Does the relay timer also come for the ECU?
- Is there any other fuse that is associated with the glow plug circuit or ECU timing and 12v to relay coil?

From what I’ve found so far, seems as though all electrical parts are in working order, this leads me to believe the issue may be originating from the ECU if that is what controls the relay control circuit.

I’d appreciate any help or response I can get if I can be pointed in the right direction. I believed it may be a simple fuse or faulty relay but now I’m not quite sure what to think. I am yet to test resistance on each individual glow plug, however will be doing this once I have a bit of time.
Thanks in advance!!


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Maybe not glow plugs. Thinking getting air in fuel line. Try pumping the filter before starting.