2008 Hilux Suspension


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Hey guys, hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.
Suspension in the ute has been stuffed for a while, overloaded it a couple years back and just now have the spare coin to sort it. Problem is I'm not super knowledgeable on suspension.
2008 KUN26 Dualcab hilux, 175xxx on the clock, it only gets on the dirt once every couple months or so, mainly used to get to work and back and occasionally some long highway driving. When it does go offroad there isn't normally a considerable amount of weight in it, and it happens so rarely that that's not really my main use case, just looking for a smoother ride quality. What would you guys recommend? Not looking to blow the bank if possible but don't want to buy shit gear either. Thanks!


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Contact Ultimate Suspension @ Ingleburn Sydney. They will put a system together that you want and highly recommended if you do a search. Had mine 10 years still going strong