2006 HDJ100R GXL


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Bought this with 223,000Km on it and its a 5 speed auto. Canberra car it came with factory bullbar and winch and had a shock change and towbar thats it for the mods.
I replaced the factory bullbar and winch which was stuffed after first use with the wire all lose wrapped and it cracked the housing was real nightmare to get out of the bog lol.

So anyway way its now got ARB Commercial bar and 12,000 Smittybilt winch with synthetic rope.

50mm lift all round with Bilstein shocks and diff drop upgraded torsion bars and Black Hawk upper control arms. Really good mod this rides really well and big improvement driving off road and everywhere else.

IPF Super Rally 170w high 100w low spotlights. Actually bought these over 20 years ago for a previous 4wd and then they have been sitting for years in storage. They still sell the same ones now and so didnt bother going LED these ones are still great.


Might get an LED light bar as well and also an LED light for reversing.
Next mods are E lockers front and rear and possibly upgrade the rear fuel tank for a bigger one with water tank. And im thinking the Safari Armax ecu and bigger intercooler and exhaust as well as snorkel. Probably get side bars and rock sliders. Have already got a small dent in the left front guard from a tree branch bloody pissed me off didnt even notice until I got home.
Will post some pics tomorrow


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Yeah loving it some times I wish it had a solid front end but its good enough and it does the job I need it for.
Yeah have often thought the same re front live axle. After coming from a 105 i did have reservations about the ifs but so far its proving suprisingly capable.


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Yeah prior to this I spent way to much on modifying a VF commodore total waste of money and I lost a heap selling it but this Landcruiser is way more practical. Just want to get one e locker for the rear first and maybe change the back fuel tank for the combined water and fuel tank. And Ill need to get a rear spare tire mount at the same time If i do that. So yeah it does all add up!