2004 rodeo worth buying?


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Hey guys just thought i would get some opinions on this car, am going to have a look Tuesday but thought I should ask if there is anything I should be looking for?

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2004 Holden Rodeo LT (4x4),

Price: $9,990

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If it's got a complete service history/receipts it would be worth a look. I had a 2002 V6 petrol manual and got 12-14 litres per 100 km. It's no diesal but I sold it for $4.5K with 240km on the speedo and no issues. If it hasn't had the timing belts changed at every 100,000 km give it a miss. This model came out soon after and in the small rural town I lived in, the sole Holden Dealer had issues with the transfer cases. Get your regular full inspection by a qualified and trusted independant mechanic first.
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I had one of those, used 17l/100 2.5-3.5l oil between services and when sold at 70,000km was all n it’s 3rd engine
Do not buy it!!!!!!


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I had a 04 petrol it was a good car just thirsty , But as others have said they were a little hit and miss I know a few that had oil consumption issues.


Bro in law has one from New, it’s diesel and he’s had no issues with it maybe lucky. He doesn’t 4wd either.


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I had one, about 15-16l per hundred but went like a cut snake.
Sold it with 320,000 + on it still going like a dream. The Aussie versions of the Isuzu v6 suffered from cheap catalytic converters which fell apart and dusted the engine through the egr, excessive oil consumption was best case scenario. If you got a good one they were a thirsty, but fairly solid engine.
I’d buy another if I had a need for it and it was cheap enough. That one wouldn’t be cheap enough for me though.